It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t been the lightest of years.

Even during summer, which we’re all doing our best to make the most of, there’s still this looming dark cloud over everyone, thanks to coronavirus and everything that continues resulting from it.

That said, the beauty industry continues thriving—after all, we still want to make ourselves look good on the outside, even if we’re struggling on the inside. SeneGence, for example, just launched their Color Surge ShadowSense collection, complete with four bright hues, that have been livening up my summery looks, even during the strangest of times.

The collection is sold as an $88 set, with the following:

Plasma Pink Shimmer: a shimmery violet fuchsia

Amped Up Orange: a bright and creamy cantaloupe

Fiery Coral Shimmer: a warm and shimmering coral-red

Neon Green Shimmer: a vibrant metallic green

Neon green makeup bag

There’s plenty to be done with the four varying shades. I’m obsessed with this watermelon vibe pictured below.

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And of course I had to try a look of my own.


Aside from the vibrant shades themselves, the cream-based formulas also happen to be smudge-proof, which is especially useful during the hot months ahead. The combination of heat and sunnies is never a winning pair for eye-makeup looks that take us so much time to complete.


If you’re digging these shades, there’s more SeneGence to be seen in THIS photo collection of me trying on 7 purple lipsticks perfect for spring!