Demi Lovato’s dance hit “Neon Lights” has inspired a number of awesome remixes, and it seems that Demi was especially inspired by a remix of the track by Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 because she’s released a Neon Lights remix music video!Neon Lights Remix Music Video

The new video is the first official music video we’ve ever seen dedicated to a remix, and in true remix fashion, it is a different edit of the original video for the song!

The track is more than six minutes with an amazing dance beat. Out of all of the “Neon Lights” remixes we’ve heard, this is by far our favorite!

Even better, the footage from the original video seems even more appropriate for the rhythm of this recording. Complete with bright neon, a whole crew of backup dancers, theatrical rain and incredible fashion, the visual is the perfect accompaniment to the beat!

Her Neon Lights Tour, named after the song, begins on February 9th! Will you be watching Demi perform alongside Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd on tour?

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