Everything to Know About Mastering the Neon Roots Summer Hair Trend

Tired of your same old tresses? We get it, trust.

Switching up, standing out and being satisfied with your 'do can be tough in an age when everyone seems to be outdoing each other with an array of rainbow-colored locks, glitter roots, and edgy lobs. We thought we'd seen it all, we really did. That is, until we saw a surprisingly unique spin on colorful hair that we're calling the mane trend of summer: neon roots.

Strange, no doubt. But it's definitely a look that's going to get you noticed. It also doesn't hurt that 2019's breakout star Billie Eilish was the creator of said trend when she debuted neon green roots peeking out from her dark brown strands just a few weeks back.

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Now we know what you might be thinking—how does one achieve neon roots? To answer all your burning Qs on how to get the look, we tapped celebrity hair colorist and Redken brand ambassador Cassondra Kaeding for a few quick pointers.

Sweet High: What hair types do neon roots work best on?

Cassondra Kaeding: Neon roots can work on almost anyone, but if you have a natural hair color ranging from light to dark blonde it's definitely going to be easier. Depending on the color of your blonde, you might be able to get away with neon roots without bleaching your hair.


SH: How do brunettes and darker hair colors achieve a similar look?

CK: The process for darker hair is a bit tricker. They'd need to bleach the roots in order to get the neon hair color to show up. Bleaching just the roots is also tricky and the darker your hair is, the longer it will take–definitely something that should be done by a professional.


SH: What is the maintenance like?

CK: It depends on how quickly your hair grows, but the grow out will be very tricky. You need to maintain neon roots every 6-8 weeks, which will require bleaching the roots and refreshing the neon color. Also remember that neon does fade fast so you might need to re-gloss the neon in between.


SH: Is it easy to switch up the neon color?

CK: Actually, yes. Once the current neon color fades or washes out, you can apply a different hair color, which is fun.


SH: Do you see this as the next big hair color trend?

CK: Yes, definitely. Billie is a trendsetter, and this a fun, fresh take on bright hair color. I like it because it's a bit more subdued and feels edgier and more fresh than an all over bright color.


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