Nessa Barrett Explores Her Rage and Intrusive Thoughts in 'BANG BANG!'

After the explosive release of her 2022 debut album young forever and recently reaching a whopping billion streams, Nessa Barrett is back with a bang in the form of her first single of 2023.

The song is aptly called "BANG BANG!," with Nessa dwelling on her intrusive thoughts, painting an imagined revenge plot about finally getting back at the ones who've wronged her. With a pulse-pounding bass beat, the punk-infused track is angsty and cathartic while being real about Nessa's struggles with mental health, and it comes complete with a captivating black-and-white music video. Ahead of the start of Nessa's first-ever headline tour, kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. 22, we got the chance to chat with Nessa all about the song and what it really means to her. Check out what she shared with us in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'BANG BANG!'

Nessa Barrett: "BANG BANG!" is about my BPD rage and what thoughts I experience when I'm really angry at something. I feel like everyone experiences these deep down—they just don't ever admit it.


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What 'BANG BANG!' Means

NB: I really hope my audience can just get out any pent-up emotion with this song and scream it. It's such a fun song to perform, and I can't wait for everyone to be screaming back the lyrics to me on tour.

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The Original Title

NB: I just love how fun "BANG BANG!" is. Originally the song was called "intrusive thoughts," but "BANG BANG!" felt like it represented the song better.


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On Nessa's Upcoming Tour

NB: It feels bigger than we all really imagined. So excited for fans to experience this show we've built <3

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