6 Uh-Mazing Netflix Hacks That Will Totally Enhance Your Binge-Watching

The verdict is in, and we're guilty. We're Netflix fanatics.

Binge-watching Netflix shows for hours on end is one of our weaknesses (and, subsequently, one of our specialities). Can you blame us? After a lengthy, stressful day it's the perfect way to take a breather and totally chill out.

So if you're having a rough day, or just need a movie-watching fix, let us Netflix enthusiasts help you enhance your marathon-viewing experience with these six hacks we guarantee might just blow your mind.

Netflix on a laptop

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1. Know What's Coming to and Leaving Netflix

New on Netflix screen grab

(via New On Netflix USA)

New On Netflix is about to be your new go-to site. Sure you may already be up to speed on what new shows are coming to Netflix each month, but this site is crucial for keeping track of shows that will soon be leaving the platform. You'll be able to plan ahead so you don't miss a flick before it disappears permanently. Score!

2. Reveal Netflix Extended Categories

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(via Chrome)

All you Netflixers who watch on your laptop are really going to appreciate the Google Chrome extension called Super Browse. Essentially, once you add this extension to your computer, you'll see that there's a slew of secret categories you can select from when picking out a movie. This will really help narrow down what sort of film you want to watch! You can get the free extension HERE.


3. Preview Trailers and Ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix screen shot
(via Netflix)

Haven't you ever wished could see more extensive ratings when trying to pick out a flick to watch? Well, thanks to Netflix Enhancer—another Chrome extension that you can download for free from the Chrome Web Store—you totally can. Once you download this extension, pop-up ratings and IMBD profiles appear as you hover over movies that you're interested in. Your chances of selecting a total flop of a movie just decreased. You're welcome! You can get the extension HERE.


4. Watch Shows With Long Distance Besties

Netflix party screen grab

(via Netflix Party)

If you have a BFF who lives in another city or state, you know that the struggle to talk or hang out with them is majorly real. Thanks to the Chrome extension, Netflix Party, you can synchronize your Netflix shows so that you can watch together! Once downloaded, there will even be a chat box on the right-hand side of the movie so you can message each other while watching. Uh-mazing right?! Get the extension HERE.

5. Easily Figure Out the Names of Movies

What is my movie screen grab

(via What Is My Movie?)

We highly doubt we are the only ones who have ever really wanted to watch a movie, but couldn't remember the name of it. What Is My Movie is a website that helps you figure out what movie you're thinking of based on a short description you type in. This site isn't Netflix specific, but it can obviously help reduce the amount of time you spend searching the platform for films you don't even know the name of. Try it out HERE and be amazed by its accuracy.


6. Randomize Your Binge Watching

Flix roulette screen grab

(via Netflix Roulette)

If you're anything like us, you've spent a few too many hours of your life scrolling through the endless TV and movie options Netflix provides. You've probs wished there was a random button you could press that would choose a show for you, and, guess what – there totally is! Flix Roulette is an ingenious site that randomly selects a show for you based on a few of your preferences. Yay for decisions made easy! Check out the site HERE.


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