These Are the Netflix Movies You Should Watch at Your Next Sleepover

You've got the popcorn popping, your sleeping bags and pillows strewn across the floor and a slew of girls on their way to your house. You're totally ready to get the ball rolling on your girls' night in, except for one thing—you have no idea what movies you'll being queuing up on Netflix.

For the most memorable night, we suggest you scroll below and try watching one of the following nine classic films. ????

1. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 

Still from the movie "E.T."

(E.T. the Extra Terrestrial via Universal Pictures)

What it's about: A young boy named Elliott helps E.T., a friendly alien, return home after he's been stranded on earth.

Watch it if: You're super into Sci-fi films. Think of it as the Stranger Things of your parents' generation. Who doesn't love a friendly alien?


2. Footloose

A still from "Footloose" the movie

(Footloose via Paramount Pictures)

What it's about: Bad boy Ren MacCormack moves to a small Southern town where loud music and dancing are banned after a fatal accident involving five kids from the community. Ren disputes this ban and falls in love with the clergyman's daughter. Drama, drama, drama.

Watch it if: You love dancing and a good forbidden love story. Whip out your sneakers and clear out your living room furniture, because you'll want to bust a move after watching this flick.


3. My Girl

Still from the movie "My Girl"

(My Girl via Columbia Pictures)

What it's about: Vada Sultenfuss is an 11-year-old tomboy struggling with all the highs and lows of growing up. Her classmates think she's a freak, her mother passed when she was a baby and her best friend is a boy. Life is rough. 

Watch it if: This movie is both sweet and tragic. If you're looking for a tearjerker, this is the answer. You'll laugh and you'll cry, and you'll relate to all the struggles that Vada faces as on the threshold of her teenage years.


4. Lilo & Stitch

Still from the animated movie "Lilo & Stitch"

(Lilo & Stitch via Walt Disney Pictures)

What it's about: Stitch, a genetic experiment that escaped from another planet, is found by Lilo, a young and lonely Hawaiian girl. Lilo adopts Stitch as her "dog," and the two form an unlikely friendship.

Watch it if: You're looking for a funny, action-packed movie. It will have you cracking up one minute and tearing up the next—it's basically a roller coaster of emotions. We wouldn't expect anything less from an animated Disney movie.


5. Jaws

Still from "Jaws" movie

(Jaws via Universal Pictures)

What it's about: A giant great white shark wreaks havoc in the small island community of Amity. A marine scientist, a fisherman and the police chief go on a mad hunt to capture the beast before more problems ensue.

Watch it if: Not everyone is a thriller fan, but if you can handle a little bit of fake gore you can handle Jaws. This classic film was made in the '70s so although the mechanical shark looks terrifying, it doesn't look real enough to cause nightmares. It's the perfect starter film for thrill-seekers!

6. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Still from the movie "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

(Girls Just Want to Have Fun via New World Pictures)

What it's about: Janey is the new girl in town trying to fit in. When she meets her free-spirited classmate, Lynne, she begins to rebel and decides to audition for a new TV dance competition against her father's will.

Watch it if: You're looking for an upbeat inspirational movie. Janey's fearlessness will majorly encourage you to go after your dreams and push yourself to your limits.


7. Galaxy Quest

Still from the movie "Galaxy Quest"

(Galaxy Quest via Dreamworks Distribution)

What it's about: The stars of an old sci-fi show on television are mistaken as real life space heroes and are beamed up to space by an alien spacecraft. A whole alien race depends on these actors to save the solar system. ????

Watch it if: You have one friend who loves sci-fi and one who loves comedy. It's the ideal combo of nerdy and hilarious, and you'll love it if you love Star Trek.


8. The Prince & Me

Still from "The Prince & Me"

(The Prince & Me via Lionsgate Films)

What it's about: Paige, a focused university student, meets and coincidentally falls for Eddie, a new arrogant Danish student who also happens to be the prince of Denmark.

Watch it if: You're a fan of the The Princess Diaries, but have seen it a bajillion times. It's as romantic as you'd imagine it would be, and full of a few plot twists you and your girl squad will have to see to believe.


9. Sleepover

Still from the movie "Sleepover"

(Sleepover via MGM)

What it's about: Julie and her three best friends embark on an all-night scavenger hunt against the so-called "popular" girls of their school. They use this epic adventure as a starting point to challenge themselves, take charge and redefine their social status.

Watch it if: You and your besties need a classic sleepover movie that will boost your confidence and encourage you to redefine social norms. You can't go wrong with a movie that has a killer message and comedy!


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