You Should Never Apologize for These Little Things

I spend an inordinate amount of time in my day saying the word "sorry."

In fact, I apologize for everything. It's not uncommon to start my sentences with "sorry, but" when asking a question or clarifying an instruction, and I even apologize when someone else bumps into me, purely out of force of habit rather than actual remorse.

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Apologizing for things that are completely out of your control is actually a very common occurrence. Think about how many times you say sorry throughout the day.

I'm not saying you should eliminate sorry from your vocabulary. Being willing to apologize when you've rightfully wronged someone is a positive attribute, but constantly apologizing for things that you can't control can portray a sense of weakness and insecurity to those around you that makes it more difficult for people to respect your position. Frequent apologies can also cause you to feel an unwarranted sense of guilt for everything you do, which can take a toll on your self-confidence.

If you're ready to try and rid yourself of the natural instinct to apologize for everything, scroll below for a list of things that you totally don't need to apologize for.

1. Asking a question. Never apologize for trying to understand something or gain more knowledge.

2. Having a different opinion. You don't have to agree with everyone around you, and you definitely don't have to apologize when you don't. Your opinions make you unique—stand by them without saying sorry.

3. Speaking your mind. Hand-in-hand with having a different opinion, don't be afraid to voice it. You are completely entitled to say how you feel, and people will respect you for saying what's on your mind.

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4.  Your appearance. Some days you want to throw your hair in a messy bun and toss on a sweatshirt, and some days you are fully prepared to dress to the nines for a casual outing with friends. The way you look is no one else's business, so don't apologize for it.

5. Saying no. Everyone has their limits, and if you feel uncomfortable doing something or if you just don't want to, simply say no and don't weaken your position by saying sorry.

6. Not being interested in someone. There are times in your life when someone is going to have strong feelings for you that you are unable to reciprocate. You don't need to explain yourself or justify your lack of interest, just kindly let them know that you're not feeling a spark and move on.

7. Being interested in someone. On the flip side, there are also going to be times when you are very interested in someone who doesn't feel the same way towards you. You can't pine over them and you definitely have to move on, but your interest in them is a compliment, so don't apologize for it.

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8. Asking for help. Everyone gets a little overwhelmed at one time or another. Asking for help does not make you weak, and it's not a reflection of your talent or your ability to handle the things that are thrown at you.

9. Someone else's actions. You can only be held accountable for your own actions, so don't take the responsibility for someone else's behavior by apologizing for them.

10. Being successful. There's no need to rub your success in everyone's faces, but there's also no need to apologize for it. Be proud of your hard work and stand by your accomplishments.

11. Showing your emotions. Whether you are feeling angry, sad, happy or annoyed in any given moment, don't apologize for showing your feelings. You should never let people accuse you of being overly emotional or allow them to make you to feel invalidated.

12. Someone else bumping into you. We all do it, and it's truly the most ridiculous thing to apologize for. They bumped into you, you have no reason to say sorry.

13. What you eat. Yet another thing that is no one's business but yours. If you want to chow down on a burger and follow it with a tub of ice cream, go for it. If you prefer kale salads and fruit smoothies, that's perfectly fine. It's your body, eat whatever feels right to you.

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14. The things you are passionate about. Everyone has certain causes and preferences that really just give them the warm fuzzies. Even if it's unconventional or odd, don't apologize for doing what makes your heart happy.

15. Being rightfully upset about something. It's okay to get mad about things and to make your anger known. Apologizing for being rightfully upset shifts the blame away from the person who has wronged you, so don't do it.


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