If you’ve found yourself crushin’ on a Capricorn, it’s probably become very clear that they’re not the easiest zodiac sign to bond with.

Although they have heaps of positive qualities, Caps are also one of the most critical signs in all the zodiac. They have a no-nonsense approach to life and they’re not big on compromise, so it’s always better to stay on their good side and avoid the backlash that might come from crossing them.

So what might cause your Cap crush to end your relationship before it even begins? Keep scrolling for five things you should never do around a Capricorn.

1. Point Out Their Mistakes

While Capricorns can definitely be judgmental of others, they’re equally as critical of themselves. Their deep sense of duty and responsibility means that they know exactly what needs to be done to accomplish their goals. Therefore, pointing our their mistakes is the wrong move, as it’s guaranteed to spark their fear of failure and make them angry and defensive. If they messed up, you can rest assured they already know. Support and encouragement will go a long way in building their affection towards you, whereas pointing out their mistakes will make them pull away, thereby prohibiting you from advancing your relationship.

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2. Force Them to Talk About Their Feelings

Since they’re very focused on their own goals and aspirations, Capricorns aren’t often connected to their emotional side. Although they’re sensitive underneath the surface, they’re not the type to verbally declare their adoration, or to spend a lot of time discussing all the ins and outs of their feelings. Forcing them to talk about their emotions will often backfire, as they’ll see it as a waste of time that distracts them from other, more important tasks. Let them express their feelings in their own time instead of forcing the conversation, and you’re sure to end up with a much more successful result.


3. Reject Their Help

Since Capricorns struggle to verbally express their emotions, they communicate their feelings for people in different ways—primarily by offering their help to those they care about. They strongly believe in actions over words, and they’re totally comfortable supporting someone else in achieving their goals. However, that also means rejecting their help communicates that you’ve shut down their advances towards building a relationship with you. They want to feel needed and useful, and turning them down will subtly tell them you’re not interested. Even if you don’t need assistance, accepting a Capricorn’s help will go far in communicating that you’re open to a relationship.

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4. Act Needy

It may sound harsh, but Capricorns aren’t build for needy partners. They’re a sign who functions well independently, and they expect the same from those around them. Although they’re willing to provide support and help, anyone who demands their assistance constantly will be a huge turnoff. In both friends and relationships, Capricorns are looking for a practical and grounded partner who has no trouble managing their own life. Only when they believe that someone can survive on their own will they feel connected enough to offer any assistance.


5. Be Upfront With Your Feelings

While some zodiac signs function best on a straightforward declaration of your feelings, Capricorn is not one of them. They need time and space to develop their emotions, so anyone who declares their adoration too aggressively will be a huge turnoff. Telling them about your crush too soon will make them feel anxious and pressured, so it’s better to take a step back and let them make the first move, even if it takes longer than you would like.



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