9 YouTube Singers You Need To Be Obsessing Over

These nine YouTube singers are about to take over your music library.


Artist: Reed Deming

For Fans Of: Jacob Whitesides and Jake Miller

Why He's Worth Obsessing Over: His songs are beyond catchy, so you will never be able to get them out of your head no matter how hard you try. And his music is the best to blast on your speakers whenever you're going on a long road trip.


Artist: Carson Lueders

For Fans Of: Justin Bieber and One Direction

Why He's Worth Obsessing Over: His songs are the ultimate jams to play at any dance party. Not going to lie, we're convinced he wrote every song about us.


Artist: Ashlund Jade

For Fans Of: Megan Nicole and Hailee Steinfeld

Why She's Worth Obsessing Over: We'd really appreciate if Ashlund would host a class to teach us all the dance moves from every single one of her covers. Please and thanks!


Artist: Brooke Falls

For Fans Of: Adele and Taylor Swift

Why She's Worth Obsessing Over: Brooke's range is INSANE, but she's also learned to control it impeccably. We're positive her voice is the answer to bringing peace to the world.


Artist: Brianna Mazzola

For Fans Of: Tori Kelly and Alessia Cara

Why She's Worth Obsessing Over: Brianna is incredibly passionate about her music and you can really feel her emotions flow through you when she sings. We definitely let out a few tears listening to her belt out this cover.


Artist: Emma Heesters

For Fans Of: Jessie J and Rita Ora

Why She's Worth Obsessing Over: We dare you to find a single flaw in her voice. We'll save you some time by letting you know that it's literally impossible.


Artist: Concept

For Fans Of: Charlie Puth and Nathan Sykes

Why They're Worth Obsessing Over: Since 1D is off doing who knows what during their hiatus, it is time to start obsessing over a new group of boys. We've found the perfect group to fill that void in Concept. Plus, their harmonies are like nothing you've ever heard before.


Artist: Charlie Jones

For Fans Of: Shawn Mendes and James Bay

Why He's Worth Obsessing Over: There's something so familiar about Charlie's voice. It's like we weren't really whole until we started listening to him.


Artist: Mia Bee

For Fans Of: Rachel Platten and Daya

Why She's Worth Obsessing Over: Her voice is so soothing and sweet. We would could listen to her sing a grocery list and still be moved by her voice.


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