New Beastly Trailer Released

The newest trailer for Beastly, which spins the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast in present day New York City, gives us a closer look at the characters. Pretty-boy Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) is as popular as they come in image-conscious Brooklyn. Unfortunately, he's also got an ego the size of Manhattan.

The witch (Mary-Kate Olsen, looking devilishly perfect) curses him with grotesque features, which he must keep for ever, if he cannot find someone to love him in one year's time. Enter the tutor (Neil Patrick Harris), who will help him discover what's pretty on the inside of the beast.

It takes a daring rescue of the Beauty (Vanessa Hudgens) for Kyle to come to his senses. Beastly is due out in theaters July 30th.

Are you excited to see Beastly? What do you think of Mary-Kate as the villain?