Cool New Editing Apps to Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level

It's not enough to just snap a pic and post it these days–social media is getting really freaking savvy.

Perfectly curated Instagram feeds have been trendy for awhile, but now Instagram Stories and Snapchat—which started out as a raw and real places to connect with your friends and followers—are also getting ridiculously curated and stylish.

A slew of new editing apps have totally transformed the way influencers are creating their Stories' content. Want to jump on the editorialized Stories bandwagon? Here are the apps to spruce up your game:

Hype Type

This is a really fun app for adding and animating text on photos and videos for your Stories. There are tons of different text options and awesome animated motions to choose from. You can also add music from just about every major (and indie) artist. This is an especially really great app for promoting your blog posts or your brand.

HypeType editing app

(Created with HypeType)



The InShot app's main purpose is to help you resize both photos and videos for your Instagram Stories or Feed. There are so many canvas sizes to choose from (9:16 is the size for Stories and 1:1 is the size for a Square Instagram feed). What's cool about this one is it allows you to blur out the background or choose fun colors as well as add text, stickers and filters. You can also make a collage with photos.

InShot editing app

(Create with InShot)



UnFold is the "It" app all of the bloggers are using to edit their Instagram Stories. The UnFold app has tons of cool templates—some of them you have to buy to unlock—including circles, polaroids and film strips. It also allows you to mix photos and videos on the same template, which is really cool and makes your Stories look super legit.

UnFold app

InShot Photo

(created with InShot)



If you're looking for that vintage vibe for your videos, you've got to download the 8mm app. There are some really cool filters to choose from, including 70s, xPro and Noir. What looks especially nice is filming something in 8mm and then loading it into UnFold with a film strip template.

Shot with 8mm Shot with 8mm

Shot with 8mm

(Shot with 8mm)



Have you seen super film-y looking pictures populating people's feeds? It's all thanks to the Huji app. This camera is reminiscent of Hipstamatic, an app that was popular when Instagram first launched, and it gives a grainy, super saturated look to all your pics. If you snap enough, you might even get one that has an awesome rainbow effect through it.

Huji app

Huji app

(Shot with Huji)



The Kannon camera app is very similar to Huji, but the photos are a bit less saturated and have more grain to them. They can be better suited for Instagram because they aren't quite as yellow, but still have that old film feel.

Kannon App Kannon App

(shot with Kannon app)


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