The Best Holiday Songs of 2016

You can't celebrate the holidays without bumping some holiday tunes.

While we're definitely a fan of the classics, it's always great when artists release new holiday music.

Scroll below for our fave holiday singles that were released this year, and prepare to soak in that holiday cheer!


"Just Another Night" by Tegan Marie

Our country artist Tegan Marie's "Just Another Night" is the perfect track to listen to while participating in all those fun holiday activities with your friends and family. Frankly, if you don't listen to this tune on Christmas day, then it's just another night.
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"Santa's Back in Business" by Samantha LaPorta

Samantha LaPorta's "Santa's Back in Business" captures that feeling we all get when it's almost Christmas time—St. Nick included. You won't be able to stop snapping along to this song the moment you turn it on.


"Hello Sailor!" by Tiffany Houghton

Though you wouldn't guess it from the title, Tiffany Houghton's "Hello Sailor!" is one heck of a jolly holiday bop. It's definitely a fresh take on what you'd expect a holiday song to be, and we love it.


"If Every Day Was Christmas" Cruz Beckham

Cruz Beckham's "If Every Day Was Christmas" is for sure giving us major throwback Justin Bieber vibes. We can't wait to hear more from this kid, which will hopefully be soon!


"Celebrate (It's Christmas)" by Forever In Your Mind

The guys of Forever In Your Mind continually release mood-boosting tunes, and their holiday single "Celebrate (It's Christmas)" is no exception. Blast it at your next party and everyone will have no choice but to celebrate!


"Ribbons and Bows" by Kacey Musgraves

We're full supporters of country artist Kacey Musgraves' Christmas album A Very Kacey Christmas. We love the mix of covers and original tunes, but we're really feeling her song "Ribbons and Bows."


"Good to Be Bad" by Pentatonix

Pentatonix can do no wrong when it comes to music, Christmas songs in particular. Their newest album A Pentatonix Christmas is chock full of holiday magic, especially their original holiday tune "Good to Be Bad." We'll be listening to it all holiday season long.


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