Find Out All About British Boy Band New Hope Club

Because there's been a giant One Direction-shaped hole in our hearts for so long, we figure it's time to broaden our horizons.

Luckily, we came across another amazing U.K. band worth knowing about that just released their new EP Welcome to the Club.

The boys of New Hope Club are our latest crush and we just can't keep them a secret any longer. We got to know the immensely talented trio this week and loved learning some fun facts about them. Read about these guys below!


(Photo Credit: Dean Sherwood)

Names: Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby and George Smith

Birthplace: England

Birthdays: Oct. 2 (Blake), Aug. 13 (Reece), Mar. 9 (George)

Zodiac Signs: Libra (Blake), Leo (Reece), Pisces (George)

Fun Facts:

1. It's their dream to headline a tour one day. Yes, we totally support the idea of more international performances, obviously.

Berlin Yesterday ????????

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2. Their comfort food consists of chicken wraps from Nando's. No argument necessary.

3. If they ever got stranded on a desert island, they would need a guitar, super long book, and of course, a guitar tuner. At least they'd be able to do awesome acoustic covers like the one they did of "Shape of You." We are obsessed.

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4. Another favorite dish of theirs is of the Italian variety. "We all love Blake's grandma's Spaghetti Bolognese," they told Sweety High. "So good!"

5. They're fellow YouTube addicts. They love watching Casper Lee, Joe Sugg and Casey Neistat.

6. These guys are the equation of a good time! Their love of movies is totally in line with ours. Step Brothers is their favorite. "We have definitely watched it over 100 times," they shared.

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7. Because they love movies so much, we had to ask who would star as the leading man in a movie about each of their lives. For George it would be Tom Hanks, Reece would pick Cole Sprouse and Blake would want Tom Cruise. All excellent selections, tbh.


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