7 New Game-Changing Photo Editing Apps Instagram Influencers Swear By

It seems like every day there's a new app to help you beautify your photos.

Long gone are the days of needing a desktop to photoshop lighting, details and color—you can now do basically anything with the touch of your pointer finger, and it's pretty amazing what you can achieve.

Now we don't believe in over-editing photos, however in this Instagram-age, (almost) everyone is enhancing their photos in some capacity, and there are many ways to do it. Below are some revolutionary new apps that deliver everything from a little added height, to slight retouching and gorgeous filters.


This app is a total game changer, especially if you're serious about getting the perfect shot when you're traveling. The retouch app allows you to erase things in the background of your photos. Ever have the perfect shot, but some stranger decided to walk partly into your photo? Bye-bye! What about those travel shots of you at the Eiffel Tower, but ugh, all the people? You can make it look like you're there alone! It takes some time to perfect, but it's really amazing for decluttering background noise in pictures.

Retouch App



We don't stand behind significantly altering your waistline in photos, however we're not mad at the idea of adding on a few extra inches of height. The Spring app allows you to stretch yourself ever so slightly so that you appear taller, without altering the width or shape of the photograph. It's pretty remarkable for those great face photos that happen to be taken at a terrible angle for the body, or for those outfits that look better IRL then they do in pictures.


Story Luxe

It's all about beautifying your Instagram Stories these days, and while Unfold took the Insta world by storm, there's a new editing app that has lots of gorgeous templates called Story Luxe. This particular app is great if you have a more romantic, airy feed because it has pretty borders and backgrounds.

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If you're going for more of a vintage theme, the Kanon-Classic app allows you to take photos with unexpected lens flares, strokes of bright light and an all-over old vintage filter. The fun part with this app is you don't know what the photo looks like until you look at it in your camera roll after, sort of like old school disposable cameras!

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Lightroom CC

For those who are pseudo-experts in the editing field, you're going to love Lightroom CC, an app created by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop. This one is more complex and takes time to learn, but has incredible editing capabilities. There are filters and editing tools that you won't find in any other app and you can really take your photos to the next level with this one. It even allows you to save "recipes" so you can ensure all your photos get the same treatment.



Grainy textures are definitely trending on Instagram right now, and Mextures is the way to add in that vintage feel to your photos along with gorgeous light streaks, emulsion, grunge, landscape enhancements and vintage gradients. This app is fantastic for adding that much-needed texture that really makes a photo pop.

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If you're looking to enhance your videos, the 8mm app does just what it says: creates gorgeous, 8mm-style vintage videos that feel like they were shot on an old camcorder. We love shooting things in 8mm and then popping them into Story Luxe for a beautifully edited Instagram Story.

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