New Moon DVD is So Worth It

After months of waiting, the New Moon DVD has finally been released! Not only does it feature the heart-breaking story of Bella and Edward's breakup and Jacob's development as a love interest, but the DVD also includes a slew of fun features. Depending on where you get it, you might also pick up some cute swag, like a necklace!

Best perks of the DVD: the six part documentary on the making of New Moon. Definitely check out "The Subtle Details" and "A Look at Production" since there's lots of cool movie magic going on and plenty of Team Edward and Team Jacob lovin'.

The deleted scenes are fabulous too. Team Jacob, you should be especially excited since they feature more scenes with Taylor!!

Overall we give it an A for solid features and, of course, a much-loved movie!

Did you purchase the DVD yet? What were your favorite special features?