10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 30, 2021

Is there anything better than discovering a new song and instantly falling in love with it? We think not!

And this week, there have been all sorts of incredible new songs, music videos and albums. From newcomers like Isabella Kay to seasoned favorites such as Billie Eilish, this week did not disappoint. Interested in hearing some new beats? Keep scrolling for 10 big things that happened in music the week of April 30, 2021!

1. Isabella Kay Drops Upbeat Music Video for 'Reset'

Sweety High had the pleasure of premiering Isabella Kay's music video for "Reset," and we haven't stopped watching it. Not only are we loving the meaning behind the song, but the video itself is equally as impressive. Her outfits and locations are fun to watch, not to mention her killer voice. "Reset was written during the isolation of COVID," Isabella explained in the description for the video. "It's about how some days you just wish you could hit the reset button and start things over again. In those relationships that struggle, wishing you could reset and clean up the mess."


2. Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam Team Up for 'Have We Met Before'

There's nothing we love more than seeing two people come together and produce something incredible, and that'exactly what Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam did with "Have We Met Before." Together, the duo's vocals are absolutely out of this world, and we were lucky enough to chat with them all about it. In an interview with Sweety High about the song, Sarah said, "I've always loved telling stories, so for me, this is a story of a love that transcends time and life itself. To have such an impact that in every time period, in every storyline, somehow two people can find one another in it and fall in love. I find that to be beautifully fascinating."


3. Brynn Cartelli Wows With New Song 'If I Could'

If you watch The Voice, you probably already know who Brynn Cartelli is. She won the 14th season of the show at just 15 years old and has since started releasing music of her own. In fact, her latest song, "If I Could" is one of our favorites we've ever heard her sing. Her vocals and the lyrics make for one incredible tune. In a press release about the song, Brynn said, "My friend was being wronged and getting something less than she deserved from her boyfriend. So many people believe they deserve less than they do. The song became a reminder we deserve more."


4. Luma Releases Highly Anticipated EP Kill The Night

Earlier this week, Luma released her highly anticipated debut EP, Kill The Night. The EP consists of three tracks, "Like A Nightmare," "Kill The Night" and "Devil Saint." With unmatched vocals, stunning lyrics and magnetic performances, we're totally hooked. "This body of work is a representation and reflection of what was the hardest two years of my life," Luma explained in a press release. "It is my experience with love known and love lost in many forms, over and over and over again. It was during this time that I learned how to respect the darkness. How to live with it and cherish it."


5. Jamie Miller Drops Stunning New Single and Music Video for 'Here's Your Perfect'

We've been big fans of Jamie Miller for quite some time now. Not only is he an insanely talented musician, but as a person, he's equally as impressive. His latest song and music video for "Here's Your Perfect" is a great representation of himself as an artist, and we can't get enough. "I was in a relationship back in London, in my comfort zone and the happiest I'd ever been—but eventually when I moved to Los Angeles, I got cheated on and was so heartbroken," Jamie said in a press release. "I went into a studio session devastated, but wrote through it and realized there is so much more to the world. Since then, I've experienced so much and really found myself through the pandemic—specifically coming to terms with my sexuality and realizing that gender doesn't determine who I can fall in love with. It was one of the most challenging but amazing journeys I've worked though, and I hope it can be heard in the music."


6. Stockholm-Based LonelyTwin Comes Out With 'If I know Myself'

Madelene Eliasson, aka, LonelyTwin, is a Stockholm-based singer-songwriter with a knack for storytelling. She just came out with her latest single, "If I Know Myself," and it weaves quite the tale that we can all relate to. If you've ever been in a relationship that didn't work out for one reason or another, and you always find yourself looking back on it thinking "What if?", you'll totally vibe with this song. In a press release, LonelyTwin said, "I was so in love with this girl, but I couldn't tell her because nothing about the timing was right." We feel for her!


7. Daya Showcases Her Talents With Single, 'Montana'

Grammy-winning artist Daya just dropped her latest single, "Montana," and we are impressed. You probably recognize her voice from her collab with The Chainsmokers for "Don't Let Me Down," and we're getting very similar vibes here with "Montana." Our favorite lyrics from the song are "I just wanna run away to Montana. Living at a slower pace with you. There's nothing else that I would need if I had ya In Montana." How gut-wrenching? We truly can't get enough of Daya and are eager to hear her upcoming EP, The Difference, out May 14.


8. DJ Khaled Releases Star-Studded New Album, Khaled Khaled

DJ Khaled is back with another one—Khaled Khaled! This star-studded album features the likes of Drake, Jay-Z, Meagan Thee Stallion, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Post Malone, Cardi B, H.E.R., Justin Timberlake, Da Baby, Nas and Lil Baby. Yeah, we know, pretty much every big name is on the album! We've already listened to the whole record one time through, and we know we're going to have it on repeat all weekend long. We highly recommend giving his music video for "SORRY NOT SORRY" a watch, too.


9. Alec Benjamin Stuns With New Song, 'The Way You Felt'

Alec Benjamin is without a doubt one of our favorite artists today, and the same can be said by people all over the world. After all, "Let Me Down Slowly" has almost one billion streams on Spotify. Following the hit release, he just dropped a new single, "The Way You Felt," and we think it's going to be even bigger. "'The Way You Felt' was written in the darker part of my COVID experience," Alec shared in a press release. "It was a period when we were experiencing a lot of physical isolation. I was just thinking about what it was like to be close to somebody and missing that."


10. Billie Eilish Impresses Fans With 'Your Power'

Billie Eilish, our "Ocean Eyes" girl and fan of green locks, is back at it. She just dropped her latest single, "Your Power," and it comes from her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, out on July 30. As always, the song is moody, dark and a bit eccentric. Along with the song is a music video, and we can't get over the scenery. Give it a watch for yourself, we promise you won't be able to tear your eyes away from the screen.


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