You Won't Be Able to Get These New Music Releases Out of Your Head

It's Friday, so you know what that means–time to plug in your headphones and listen to some new music releases.

This week we're obsessing over some fresh beats from some of our favorite artists, including Colbie Caillat, Hey Violet, Florence + the Machine and a couple more. Listen below NOW!

Girl with headphones on rocking out to music in her beadroom

(Photo Credit: Syda Productions via Shutterstock)

1. "Never Got Away" by Colbie Caillat

Pop singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat truly has a magical way with words. Her lyrics bring all the emotions behind falling in love with someone and never wanting them to leave you to life. All we want to do is listen to this acoustic tune and slow dance with our crush.


2. "Too Much Is Never Enough" by Florence + The Machine

As if we weren't already hype for the release of Final Fantasy XV on Sept. 30, indie rock band Florence + the Machine comes out with this collaboration for the game. It's certainly an inspiring anthem and nothing short of what we'd expect from this group. Pure magic.


3. "Pure" by Hey Violet

The rock band is returning with an updated sound on this bop from their Brand New Moves EP. We can dig it. Good news is we don't have to wait too much longer for their EP to drop because it comes out on Aug. 16. Heck yeah!


4. "Good Summer" by Kate Nash

Summer is almost over, but if you haven't had the vacation you've been dreaming of, singer-songwriter Kate Nash has got you covered. Bump her single "Good Summer" while throwing a party with your besties and you're sure to have the best day ever. So go ahead, unleash your inner wild child and throw all inhibitions to the wind.


5. "Bye Bye" by Noella Nix

Sometimes you just got to take Noella Nix's advice and say "bye bye" to those boys who aren't worthy of your time or energy. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but listen to this single before you do anything for an extra boost of confidence.


To make your listening experience that much better, we've put all these tunes into a playlist for you below.


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