5 New Songs That Will Get You Ready for the Weekend

Are your earbuds in? Good, because we've got a brand new batch of music releases from this week that we can't wait for you to hear on this New Music Friday.

From two artists making their return to the scene, to some indie bands you need to put on your radar, all these jams will have you rocking out until your feet fall off. Get. Psyched.

Girl listening to music with headphones on and arms stretched out wide

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1. "You & I" by Colony House

We're hardcore vibing to "You & I" from alternative rock group Colony House. With its all-too-relevant lyrics and smooth instrumentals, you won't ever be able to get it out of your head. Not that you'd want to anyway.

2. "Bleeding Heart" by Regina Spektor

Indie singer-songwriter Regina Spektor will be releasing her seventh album Remember Us to Life in September and "Bleeding Heart" is the first single she's released to give us all a taste of the emotional ride we are about to embark on. Thanks for just ripping our hearts out and stomping all over it with this heartfelt new number, Regina.


3. "Disappearing Weekend" by Trent Dabbs

Alternative singer-songwriter Trent Dabbs has delivered us a bluesy-indie hit that's a bit reminiscent of alt-pop band Foster the People. Don't let your weekend "disappear" without hearing this song. Blast it right now!


4. "Party's Over, Biff" by Paerish

This moody tune from French indie bad Paerish gets real about relationship drama we all go through at some point. It's sucky, but it happens. Listen to this ditty and everything will be fine though.


5. "Borrowed Lives" by Pierce Fulton feat. NVDES

You better hold onto your hats ladies, because producer Pierce Fulton is back in a big way. His single "Borrowed Lives" has us moving and grooving while reminding us to appreciate every beautiful thing life has to offer.


Listen to these tunes whenever you desire with our Spotify playlist below.


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