You'll Feel Like a Major Boss Listening to This Week's New Tunes

The weekend is only a few hours away, so we're here to give you the ultimate playlist that will have you wanting to make the most of your two days off.

These five songs on our New Music Friday playlist this week range from rock to pop, but they'll all lift your spirits in their own unique way. Make your way through this post to find the awakening tune that speaks to you.

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1. "Get Ready" by Juliet Simms

Get ready, because rocker Juliet Simms certainly doesn't hold back with this gutsy anthem off her new EP From the Grave. With powerful vocals backed by some gritty guitar, you'll be wanting to venture on a wild road trip with your besties seconds after the music hits your eardrums.

2. "Feels Right" by Jocelyn Alice

All we need are good friends and this tune from indie-pop singer Jocelyn Alice playing on repeat in the background to create one magical night. Even if you're the worst dancer in the world, you'll be a slave to this jam's rhythm and have no choice but to dance about like a complete fool.


3. "Something Wild" by Lindsey Stirling feat. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Violinist Lindsey Stirling can do no wrong. We're constantly moved by every single song she gifts us. And this collaboration with indie rock group Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is no exception.


4. "I Am Volcano" by Nani

This bold and brash single from up-and-coming manic-wave band Nani is full of absolute angst, but in the best way possible. All that pent-up anger and stress you have will melt away once you press play.


5. "Living" by Bakermat feat. Alex Clare

You'll actually be "living" thanks to this bop from Dutch musician Bakermat. If you're feeling lost or like you need a little boost, listen to this hit and you'll feel like you can take on the world.


As always, you can listen to these songs at your leisure using our Spotify playlist.


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