The Most Nutritious (and Seriously Tasty) New Snacks We've Been Noshing on Amid Quarantine

If you've been snacking uncontrollably amid coronavirus-induced quarantine (????‍♀️), you're not alone. With so much spare time on our hands and only limited distractions, our brain has a way of telling us we're hungry at all hours of the day.

But, tempting as it is, we've put the Flamin' Hot Cheetos to the side in exchange for offerings that are, shall we say… nutritious? Now more than ever, when a strong immune system is of utmost importance, we're seeking out much healthier options. But, that's not to say they can't be delicious.

With far fewer obligations, we've had plenty of energy to try a myriad of new consumable offerings that are healthy yet delicious. Keep reading for the most nutritious (and seriously tasty) new snacks we've been noshing on amid quarantine.


Sweet Nothings Plant-Based Ice Cream Variety Pack: $59.85 (15-pack)

With no added sugar, no dairy, and strictly fruit, nut and seed ingredients, you really can't turn away from Sweet Nothings. The frozen dessert company offers five flavors for your tastebuds' delight, and with a name and packaging as marketable as the concept itself, this product is an overall win. We tried the variety pack, and Coffee and Peanut Butter are our favorite options—but packed with chia and flax seeds, dates, bananas and cashews, you really can't go wrong with the other offerings: Chocolate, Strawberry and Blueberry Beet.

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Mamma Chia Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Milk: Find the Store Nearest You HERE

Mamma Chia really is the mother brand for all things chia seeds. The company has been around for years, long before this superfood gained mainstream popularity. In its latest development, the brand launched the very first chia seed milk (both in regular and unsweetened vanilla). With a lush, creamy consistency, this is perfect for lattes or plant-based desserts. Given the circumstances of the world right now, the new product hasn't gotten the fair introduction to grocery stores that it deserves. This is why we suggest contacting the company directly if you want to purchase this innovative new offering.


Rowdy Sunflower Butter N' Berries Prebiotic Bars: $23.99 (12-pack)

We don't know about you, but cooking our own meals is starting to get old. It's not that we're not having fun, but the nonstop messes are killing us. Therefore, we can't turn down a convenient breakfast bar—and Rowdy prebiotic bars are just the right kickstart to our morning or high-intensity workout. Packed with protein and superfoods, these bars (which come in a handful of different flavors) are just what we turn to when we can't bear to turn on the stove yet again.


JoJo's Chocolates Goes Hawaiian Bag: $13.99 (7-pack)

Chocolate for breakfast? Sign us up! In all seriousness, the contents of JoJo's "guilt-free" dark chocolate bars makes them acceptable at any time of day. These gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and keto-friendly bars (with no added sugar) are the perfect jumpstart to our day or conclusion at night. Either way, the ingredients don't weigh us down. In fact, the added hemp protein fills us up, and the chocolate flavor gives us just the right fix without anxiously craving more. We personally favor the Goes Hawaiian flavor because we're suckers for macadamia nuts, but whichever route you choose, you won't be disappointed, as we've tried them all!

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Positive Beverage Mandarin Orange: $19.95 (12-pack)

Being couch-bound for weeks (oh, wait, months) can easily have us sinking into poor habits out of convenience—and sipping soda is one of them. Thanks to Positive Beverage, you can ditch the pop for a carbonated drink that actually contains nutrients. Positive Beverage, packed with Vitamin C, B-12 and D, comes with all the flavor of your traditional soda, but doesn't leave you feeling sluggish after consumption, thanks to no artificial flavors or preservatives. We personally opt for Mandarin Orange, but if that's not your cup of tea (err… seltzer), they also have Tropical Berry, Perfectly Peach and Crisp Cucumber.


Pulp Pantry Sea Salt Chips: $5.49

A cross between chips and crackers, Pulp Pantry created a product unlike anything we've tried before. As its name suggests, the brand uses fresh vegetable juice pulp to make up its chips in an effort to eliminate food waste. Gluten-free, GMO-free and corn and potato starch-free, these bites pack some serious flavor while ditching the harmful additives. If we had to pick just one, we'd choose Sea Salt, but quite frankly, we stand by the other three flavors (Jalapeño Lime, Salt 'N' Vinegar and Barbecue), and encourage you to see for yourself with their variety pack option.

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Lotus Foods Forbidden Rice Ramen With Soup: $2.39

Who doesn't love a good bowl of ramen? The combination of convenience, cost and comfort makes it quite the coveted meal. But, unfortunately this popular pick doesn't rank high on the nutritious list. Enter: Lotus Foods' Forbidden Rice Ramen With Soup. This four-minute-meal is gluten-free, with reduced sodium and whole-grain heirloom black rice instead of wheat. While we can't fit this in the low-carb category, it's certainly a wiser (and incredibly tasty with the added white miso broth) alternative to your traditional dish.

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Raw Generation Spring Flavors Variety Pack: $109 (18-pack)

Whether you're more of a greens person or you like your juices especially sweet, this three-part variety pack combines the preferences of every palette with its Strawberry Beet, Green Limeade and Tumeric Carrot. The contents are heavily concentrated, so one juice is plenty to serve as our breakfast, a meal replacement, or a post-workout indulgence. Consume those nutrients without sacrificing flavor!

Given the current times, the company has also branched out with immunity shotsproduce boxes and sanitizer spray.

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