New Obsession Alert: Jake T. Austin

We all know Jake T. Austin from the hit Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place, but it looks like he's ditching his wizardly role on TV and heading towards becoming an A-list movie actor.

He's going to be starring in the romantic comedy New Year's Eve, where he plays the love interest of Abigail Breslin. The soon to be 17-year old even shares his first on-screen kiss in the movie. Austin who previously acted in movies such as The Perfect Game and Disney's RIO, will be showing off his acting chops in his lead role as Huckleberry Fin in the movie Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn.

Check out his interview below:

On what he's going to miss most on Wizards of Waverly Place:
The cast and crew. Those people became like an extended family to me.

On playing pranks on set:
Sometimes Selena [Gomez] and I mess up our lines and, like family, we'll always give each other a hard time when that happens. One time on set we played one of Selena's songs right after she finished a scene just to embarrass her.

On his three favorite possessions:
My cell phone, my fitted Yankees cap and my basketball ball.

On a little unknown fact about him:
I once boxed with Manny Pacquiao (who was Boxer of the Decade)!

On playing the role of Fernando in RIO:
I really studied the Brazilian accent and tried to sound as Portuguese as possible. Getting to meet Jamie Foxx and was really cool. They're two people who have established amazing careers for themselves. I really look up to them.

On his role in New Years Eve:
His name is Seth and he has an adventure over the course of the night with Abigail Breslin's character. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Abigail's mom so she's a part of our storyline as well.

On getting star-struck on the set of New Year's Eve:
Not really, but Robert De Niro and Jon Bon Jovi are both people I was really excited to meet. I'm also a huge fan of Garry Marshall —  he's someone who's created a lot of his own content which is something I aspire to do.

On filming Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn:
We've been filming in Bulgaria, so learning a new culture and getting to experience Eastern Europe while traveling to different parts of the country was really amazing. Huck and I both are adventurers and we both like to be outside, we're always looking for something new to experience.