New One Direction Album Will Be Out By Christmas!

Get your One Direction wrapping paper ready. A new One Direction album should be out before the end of December, according to band member Louis Tomlinson!

Are you ready for a new One Direction album... before Christmas?

"We've already started recording the album," Louis said in an interview with the Daily Star, an English newspaper. "We started about a month ago."

One Direction are currently on a tour which started in England and Scotland, and is sweeping through other locations in Europe! In June, the tour will hit North America, starting in Mexico! The boys started recording their new album on the road.

"We are really happy with it," Louis aid. "We don't want to rush it, but it will be out for Christmas."

We almost wish we didn't know! Who else is having a tough time dealing with the suspense???

In the mean time, we have a tour across the U.S. and their 3D-movie, "This Is Us," to hold us over. But that doesn't mean it's going to be easy!