15 Things You'll Only Relate to If You're in a New Relationship

Being in a new relationship brings on the most exciting feelings.

Everything is fresh, leaving each experience an emotional combo of excitement, happiness, electricity and complete and utter crippling fear…

…guess they don't really mention that part in the movies.

While your new relationship is full of romance, it also entails a fair amount of, well, figuring things out. Continue reading for 15 truths you'll only understand if you have a brand new S.O.:

1. You aren't quite ready to let your weird and wild side shine. Being "yourself" is just so much easier in front of your new S.O. when that personality is curated for maximum flirting and minimal embarrassment.

Girl Meets World Riley with crazy rainbow wig

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

2. You're a little too eager to go the extra mile. It's true, the moment you spot your S.O.'s favorite candy bar or a tee that would look oh-so-good, you simply can't help but buy it. Your wallet is getting the short end of the stick in this new relationship.

3. You know exactly what the term "honeymoon phase" means, but you also aren't willing to accept that things will ever be any different. Blissful love 4ever.

4. You literally cannot stop talking about your S.O. In fact, you're probably doing it right now.

5. You may not be proud of it, but you've definitely been spending much more time with your honey than your friends.

6. In order to see them every waking hour, you invent productive reasons for hanging out after school. Look, parents, we're just being caring girlfriends by helping our S.O. study!

Grownish Zoey tutoring Cash

(Grown-ish via Freeform)

7. You don't really know how to handle your feelings when you get into your first argument. It's a weird feeling being mad at your love for the fist time…

8. Walking without your S.O.'s hand laced between your fingers just feels wrong now.

9. Your friends are high-key grossed out by your sappy lovestruck side.

Grownish friends disapproving

(Grown-ish via Freeform)

10. Even though it's brand new you're bursting to say that special four-letter "L" word.

11. But on the other hand, you're terrified they won't say it back.

12. You text each other literally non-stop. You're also all too familiar with the phone call movie cliché that goes a little something like, "No, you hang up first!"

13. You're suddenly much more interested in love songs, romantic comedies and even dates like Valentine's Day—which you may have hated prior to this relationship. But you can't help it, life is just brighter when you're in love!

14. All of your social media posts revolve around this new relationship. In fact, you're both probably known to post the same couples pic to IG so your themes are… well, in theme.

Riverdale Veronica staring at cell phone

(Riverdale via the CW)

15. You have at least one cutesy pet name for each other that gives you butterflies but makes everyone else want to vom.


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