These Songs Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like to Be in a New Romance

New relationships are truly exhilarating.

They make you feel all sorts of giddy, with butterflies constantly floating around in your stomach whenever you're with your partner—or even when you're just thinking about them.

And if anything best sums up what it's like to start a fresh romance, it's these songs by Little Mix, The Maine, Dua Lipa and many more. We dare you to add these great tracks to your playlists to celebrate your new love.

'Your Love' by Little Mix

We bet your love makes you feel exactly like what the girls of Little Mix are singing about.


'Around the World and Back' by State Champs feat. Jule Vera

Admitting you're falling hard for someone you've just entered a relationship with is difficult, but listening to this jam by State Champs and Jule Vera will remind you to express your endearment.


'Cannonball' by Emily James

Basking in a beauty of a new summer romance? Then you'll definitely relate to the lyrics of Emily James' 'Cannonball."


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'Seeing Blind' by Niall Horan feat. Maren Morris

Niall Horan and Maren Morris come together on a track for anyone who was blindsided by love. Hey, it happens.


'I Only Wanna Talk to You' by The Maine

When you meet the one, you'll know—especially because you'll only want to talk to them. Right, The Maine?


'Girls' by Justus Bennetts

If you want to give the entire world to the girl who has your heart, Justus Bennetts can relate. His song "Girls" is upbeat and so much fun, and we've never heard a love song quite like it.


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'Lost in Your Light' by Dua Lipa feat. Miguel

An upbeat and anthemic love song, Dua Lipa's "Lost in Your Light" is all about letting yourself fall for your new S.O. without any worry.


'The Only Exception' by Paramore

To those of you who are skeptical about your new relationship for whatever reason, Paramore'"The Only Exception" will remind you to trust your partner.


'Love' by Lana Del Rey

Oh, to be young and in love. Lana Del Rey gets it.


'Wish They Could' by Jazmine Lucero

For that fun and flirty kind of new romance, there's Jazmine Lucero's "Wish They Could." It's about that person who's been running through your mind all day, and how no one else can really compare.


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'Goodnight Moon' by Go Radio

Arguably one of the most romantic songs ever written, Go Radio will have you feeling all the feels with this tune.


'Boom Clap' by Charli XCX

Charli XCX's "Boom Clap" is an utterly feel-good tune for anyone who's scared of completely falling for their new S.O. Just yourself fall.


'Take Off' by Tiko

Tiko's pitched-up vocals might not be for everyone, but this romantic bop is weirdly irresistible. It's the classic story of guy-meets-girl, and hoping what you feel with someone is the real deal.


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'Only One' by Yellowcard

If you've found your only one, listening to this throwback track from Yellowcard will set your heart aflutter.


'Lovebug' by The Jonas Brothers

You didn't think you'd get through this list without us including a love song for the ages, did you? Listening to "Lovebug" by The Jonas Brothers will start your relationship off on the right note.


'Two Is Better Than One' by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift

Before she was singing about her reputation, Taylor Swift partnered with Boys Like Girls for this stellar ballad. Trust us, you'll love it.


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