Everything You Wanted to Know About English-Irish Pop Trio New Rules

New Rules is on tour—we repeat—New Rules is on tour!

The English-Irish trio kicks off a U.S. headline tour starting today, Nov. 28, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we couldn't be more excited. After playing their first-ever U.S. dates earlier this year, Alec, Ryan and Nathan are back, and will be hitting Massachusetts, New York, D.C. and Illinois, before finishing things off in Atlanta, Georgia on Dec. 7. They also released a new single, "Late in the Evening," earlier this month, perfectly combining the three artists' voices into one harmonious track about a desperate attempt to win back lost love, which will make for the ultimate crowd song when they perform it during the tour. Check out more tour info on their website HERE, and keep scrolling to discover everything they shared about themselves as our last Man Crush Monday.

New Rules Alec, Ryan and Nathan trivia - man crush monday

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Name: Alexander James McGarry (James after my old man)

Hometown: Welwyn, United Kingdom

Birthday: November 29

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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Name: Ryan (King) Charles Meaney

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Birthday: May 1

Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Name: Nathan Alexander Lambert

Hometown: Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom

Birthday: September 5

Zodiac sign: Virgo


1. Alec couldn't live without the Notes app on his phone.

"I'm a sucker for a folder and a list. I have one for all my song ideas, to-dos, favorite movies/things, etc., and to remember things because my memory is shockingly selective. I'm using it right now to write these answers out."

-Alec McGarry

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2. If Ryan could live in any fictional world, he might pick the one from Succession.

"I'm obsessed with that show. I'd have to be Logan, though, so I could tell anyone I wanted to F off!"

-Ryan Meaney

3. Videos of monkeys never fail to make Nathan smile.

4. Alec's favorite superheroes are Batman and Iron Man.

"Anybody whose superpower is that they're just really rich and smart, I think is cool."

-Alec McGarry


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5. Ryan got pretty starstruck with Rodger Cleye sang the New Rules song "Pasta" on TikTok.

"To say we freaked out in the van is an understatement."

-Ryan Meaney

6. After a tough day, Nathan likes to unwind with a nice cup of tea and a few episodes of Family Guy.

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7. Alec's favorite school subject was probably history.

"Because I'm really boring—I'm not boring, but I did love history and if I'm interested in something, I can talk someone's ear off about it. I sucked at math. My brain wasn't built for it, and I can't stay focused on something for longer than 10 minutes."

-Alec McGarry

8. Ryan loves thrift and vintage shopping, and if we could only shop at one place, he'd pick the Brick Lane vintage market in London.

"Most of my outfits really belong to various humans from the '90s—hopefully ones with good style! Some Americans thought we were faking our accents recently because we dressed like 'typical midwest college boys.' which we thought was funny."

-Ryan Meaney

9. Nathan's Virgo zodiac sign describes him quite well.

"I'm such a Virgo, it hurts."

-Nathan Lambert


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10. Alec recently binge-watched House of the Dragon.

"I was obsessed with Game of Thrones, so it was a natural progression. Anything with dragons, honestly, I'm sold."

-Alec McGarry

11. Ryan recently learned an incredible life lesson from The Blindboy Podcast.

"@blindboyboatclub said to stop thinking, 'If I achieve enough success, then I'll be happy,' which I'm constantly trying to remind myself of."

-Ryan Meaney

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12. Nathan couldn't live without snacking on Kinder Happy Hippos—a U.K. favorite treat consisting of hippo-shaped wafers filled with cream and nutty cocoa, as well as partially dipped in chocolate.

"I don't actually have it that often, but I wouldn't want to live in a world without it."

-Nathan Lambert

13. Alec is big on anything even remotely fantasy, sci-fi or horror.

"I used to write a lot of stories and draw a lot when I was a kid. They were my first creative outlets that let me do what I wanted with my imagination (saying that in SpongeBob's voice) and were probably quite formative in terms of how I ended up writing songs and wanting to get into music! Haven't changed too much either (embarassinggggg)."

-Alec McGarry


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14. Ryan wants fans to realize he's a regular person and music fanatic, just like them.

"I'm as much of a fan as you are—I'm just like you fr. I got into music because I was obsessed with bands. Seeing that we can have that effect on people now is why I love what we do so much."

-Ryan Meaney

15. If there's one thing fans should know about Nathan, it's that he doesn't like cheese.


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