New (School) Year Resolutions That Are Easy to Follow

As students, we celebrate not one, but two New Years.

There's the new school year which begins in August and the new calendar year in January. Why wait until midway through the school year to make some important life-altering resolutions?

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Get tips from this list of New School Year Resolutions to bring your A-Game all school year long.

1. Quit Procrastination

Easier said than done. Procrastination is the No. 1 cause of stress, sleep deprivation and social unavailability. This fall, vow to put an end to the time-wasting practice that has been totally ruining your school life before it claims another year.

2. Read for Leisure

So you had homework before the school year even started in the form of a summer reading list. Despite this, the list of books doesn't end when the school year starts. This year, try and make time for a little leisure reading of your own. It's important to get lost in the stories you actually want to read. Save a little "me" time before bed to escape into a story of your choice, rather than scrolling through your Insta newsfeed for the umpteenth time, only to go to bed bothered by what people are doing without you.

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3. Turn Off Your Phone During Class

That's a pretty huge commitment. I mean, who really turns their phone off anymore? But the truth is, when it's on, it can become a huge distraction even if you can't hear the buzz of a text. The impulse to check Snapchat or Instagram is just too tempting when a lecture gets boring. This year, strive to pay attention during the most boring of times. It'll really pay off when you're studying for a test or doing your homework.

4. Talk to Your Parents About Your Day

This may seem like a minor resolution but it's more important than you think. I'm sure you've been bogged down by the daily question, "So how was school today?" during the ride home or at the dinner table. Instead of rolling your eyes, actually process this question and answer honestly. If you had a good day, it's nice to share the enjoyment with another person. If the day was rough, you may find yourself happy to vent about friend drama or an unexpectedly bad grade. Plus, it'll totally make your parents' day.

5. Get More Involved

You may have added this resolution to your New Year's Eve list…for the past three years. The school year is ripe with new beginnings and now is the best time to branch out. Whether you want to be more involved with school through joining clubs or student council, or you want to give back to the community by volunteering, now is the time to do it. The year just started so you shouldn't have too much on your plate yet. When the holidays are around the corner it's too easy to find excuses to postpone a project.

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6. Find a Role Model

It's easy to feel lost as a student. Between the pressure to fit it and the desire to be yourself (whoever that may be), it can be difficult to choose which path to take. Find someone you look up to, whether it's a family member, friend or even celebrity, and look to them for core goals and inspiration. It'll help you down the road when you need to make tough choices.

7. Be a Role Model

For every person who has more knowledge than you, there is someone who is less experienced. Make it a resolution to help guide a younger student or little sibling. It's a major self-esteem boost knowing that you are looked up to by someone.

8. Make a Change

The beginning of the school year is the best time for change. If you've been hanging on to an old hobby for sentimental reasons, decide to leave it behind for a new interest. If a friendship has gone south, find a new BFF who makes you feel good rather than putting you down. If you're feeling mentally or physically down, hit the gym to clear your mind. Hate your hairdo? Change it up! Whatever the case, try something new and make a change before things get a little too monotonous.


If you follow these resolutions you'll feel like a totally new person by the end of the year. Sometimes it can be hard making all of these commitments fit in a 24 hour day. Try THESE tips for juggling school, social life and sleep.