If You're Not Into New Technology, You'll Relate to These Struggles

In a world of iPhone Xs and Amazon Alexas, you're really just a good ol' fashioned girl at heart.

You don't really care about the latest tech craze, and you don't really get the hype about so many popular apps. We feel you, girl.

While it's nice to live your life unplugged (or, well, at least more unplugged than the masses), you definitely encounter countless struggles on the daily.

Whether you're unfamiliar with a popular function of a social media app or you're unable to see 80% of the emojis your friends send your way, continue reading for all the struggles you experience when you aren't into new technology:

1. That alien symbol you get when someone uses an emoji from the new update you refuse to download.

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2. You had no idea why a dancing hot dog was suddenly a thing but now you're just really hungry.

3. You are actually truly frightened of the Amazon Alexa. Beyond that, you can't fathom why it's called by a human name because, hello, obvious tech flaws there.

4. You're not totally sure when watches became a thing again, but apparently they are now everyone's virtual day-planner and personal trainer. Are Fitbits really necessary, people?

5. You literally refuse to do your iPhone software update until your phone slowly stops working, because whyyyyyy?

6. It didn't even occur to you that the iOS software glitch that was turning people's "i's" into "A"s followed by a symbol was anything out of the ordinary because you're so used being behind on updates.

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7. People expect you to know how to use their apps when they need you to do something like navigate while they drive or respond to someone's obscure app message. But, like, hellooo whatever happened to simple texting?

8. The words "Drop a pin" mean almost nothing to you.

9. You have no idea what the correct pronunciation of Musical.ly is and you don't care. You also don't take sides when it comes to the correct way to say gif (though we both know you lean towards the hard "g" as in Gaga).

10. If someone's become famous through some type of app, you have no idea who they are, what they do or why anyone cares. It's not that you're anti-culture or anything, you just prefer your celebs to sing over the radio or appear on television.

11. You've never ever had the latest iPhone model and you probably never will. That's like, 8 trips to Disneyland!

12. Science fiction scares the crap out of you because you're 100% positive robots will take over the planet. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

13. On that note, you're highly suspicious about the iPhone X's facial recognition features. Why you need to track my face, Apple?!

14. You have so few social media followers that people actually feel kind of bad for you.

15. You prefer to call rather than text someone when you have an exciting story, awkward encounter or upsetting information to share. The only problem is no one prefers a phone call these days so you're usually forced to type the whole thing out in a text.


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