The New White Barn Collection From Bath & Body Works Is Here!

Bath & Body Works has to be one of our favorite stores of all time.

And that's in large part thanks to their selection of seemingly infinite candles. Whether you're into floral, fresh, fruity, sweet or woody smells, the brand has you covered. They recently launched a new White Barn collection, and it's full of minimalistic and gender-neutral scents everyone will love. Continue below for a breakdown of the new candle scents!

Raspberries & Whipped Vanilla: $26.50

If you're looking for something super sweet, the Raspberries & Whipped Vanilla candle is your best bet from the new fragrances. Featuring notes of raspberries, strawberry vanilla bean and lemon, this sugary and tart candle is sure to make your home smell like a bakery.



(via Bath & Body Works)


White Tea & Sage: $26.50

If your favorite day consists of sitting in a local tea shop, we think you'll love the White Tea & Sage candle. With notes of bergamot, tea and sage, this earthy and unisex candle will make you feel right at home. Instead of brewing a fresh pot of tea to get that homey smell, all you need to know is light this baby up!



(via Bath & Body Works)


Eucalyptus Rain: $26.50

Is there anything better than the aftermath of a crisp rain? We think not! If you agree, we think the Eucalyptus Rain candle was made for you. Fragrance notes include eucalyptus, spearmint and fresh rain—a blend to die for. All that's missing is a beautiful rainbow outside!



(via Bath & Body Works)


Dark Amber & Oud: $26.50

If you're into unisex scents and even enjoy masculine notes, the Dark Amber & Oud candle is right up your alley. With stunning notes of amber, rainwater and wood, this baby will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever. If you've ever been in the woods after a rainstorm, that's exactly what this candle smells like.



(via Bath & Body Works)


Endless Weekend: $26.50

Have you ever had the best weekend ever and wanted it to play on repeat? We've definitely been there and after lighting the Endless Weekend candle, it's given us flashbacks to those good times. Featuring notes of mandarin, magnolia and coconut water, this sweet and summer-like candle is one of our favorites of the bunch.



(via Bath & Body Works)


Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla: $26.50

For those who are into spice and always order a vanilla chai (no matter the season), the Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla candle is sure to become a favorite. With notes of cinnamon, sugar and vanilla bean, this candle gives off a warm, spicy and creamy smell.



(via Bath & Body Works)


Coconut Sandalwood: $26.50

Don't you wish you could bottle up the beach and bring it home with you? With the Coconut Sandalwood candle, you can! Fragrance notes include coconut palm, sandalwood, musk and jasmine, leaving you with a smell of driftwood at the beach. The scent is truly unparalleled!



(via Bath & Body Works)


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