New Year's Eve: Expectations vs. Reality

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, and we've got to admit, we're feeling a slew of emotions about the night.

On one hand, we're super excited for what could potentially be a fun-filled evening, but on the other hand, we're extremely nervous we've set our expectations a little too high.

If you're starting to come to the conclusion that New Year's Eve is sometimes just a little bit overrated, you'll definitely relate to the following New Year's Eve expectations vs. reality scenarios.

The Party Plans

Girls celebrating New Year's Eve

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Expectation: You have multiple invites to some of the best parties in school. No matter where you decide to go, you know you'll have fun because you'll be surrounded by classmates and your besties.

Reality: It's two days before New Year's Eve, you have absolutely no plans whatsoever, and, to make matters worse, you just found out that your best friend will be out of town for the big night. Womp. Womp. 


The Outfit

Teen girl in her NYE dress

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Expectation: You've had your sparkly party dress picked out for months, and your mom just got you the perfect matching shoes. You're going to look fab.

Reality: It's NYE and you still don't know what you're wearing. You raid your closet, settle for something old but cute, and then, to your disbelief, find out it has a tear or stain. Looks like you'll be borrowing something…


The Party Crew

Three teen girls celebrating

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Expectation: You and your gal pals will all be together celebrating the entire night. Nothing and no one can separate you or prevent you from having the best New Year's Eve ever.

Reality: Five minutes into the New Year's celebration, one of your besties gets lured into a conversation with a group of people you don't know, and the other bestie gets grabbed by their crush. You're now alone at the snack table. ????


Staying Up All Night

Midnight on New Year's Eve

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Expectation: You'll make it until midnight and then stay up the rest of the night hanging out with friends. Who needs sleep, anyway?

Reality: You fall asleep by 10 p.m. Oops.


The New Year's Eve Kiss

Teen girl kissing her dog

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Expectation: You'll magically run into your crush at your New Year's Eve party and spend the whole night chatting it up. When midnight arrives, you'll receive that smooch you've been waiting for all year. ????

Reality: Your crush ends up attending a different party (major bummer) and you wind up going home early. When midnight arrives, at least you can steal a smooch from your pup.


The Next Day Feelings

Teen girl waking up in the morning

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Expectation: You will wake up New Year's Day refreshed, ready for the new year and totally thrilled about the night before. It was, after all, one of the best nights of your life.

Reality: You wake up the the next day feeling ready for a brand new start and happy that New Year's Eve is o-v-e-r. It was, after all, totally overrated.


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