Why the New Year's Kiss Is Overrated

One of the most prominent New Year's Eve traditions is sealing in the new year with a kiss at the stroke of midnight.

While this idea may seem romantic to some and superstition to others, it's really just total bologna when you think about it.

If you've been stressing about this totally overrated practice, scroll below to find out all the reasons why it's A-OK to abandon the NYE kiss:

1. Figuring out who to smooch is more stress than it's worth. Why bring unnecessary anxiety to a party?

Archie takes Betty and Veronica to the dance

(Riverdale via the CW)

2. You should never feel pressured to lock lips with someone. Ever. In any circumstance. Tradition or not.

3. In the mad dash to find a person to kiss, the lip-smack often ends up sloppy and awkward. 

4. The superstition associated with the kiss is just plain dumb. Who says a year of the single life is a bad thing??

5. Unless you're dating or crushing on the person you kiss, the smooch doesn't even have you seeing fireworks.

New Year's Eve movie kiss

(New Year's Eve via Warner Bros.)

6. If, in the moment, you elect to kiss a friend in lieu of an S.O., you may totally regret the decision tomorrow when you're friendship takes an awkward hit.

7. Even if you're locking lips with your love, the kiss totally detracts from the excitement of the New Year countdown.

New Year's Eve kiss, A Lot Like Love

(A Lot Like Love via Touchstone Pictures)

8. The moment is completely manufactured rather than being organic and authentic fun. During a celebration like NYE, you should really be living in the moment rather than plotting your next move.

9. If you haven't had your first kiss yet, this little peck is a rather skimping and unspecial introduction.

10. You may end up feeling like chopped liver if you aren't the other person's first choice of lips.

11. You've literally stopped all fun you're currently having with your friends in order to fulfill an arbitrary tradition. Why not start your own tradition that doesn't involve awkward moments and hurt feelings? Already sounds like a better way to ring in the New Year to us.

High School Musical NYE

(High School Musical via the Disney Channel)


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