9 Memes About New Year's Resolutions That'll Hit a Little Too Close to Home

Everyone has such high hopes for their New Year's resolutions.

Sadly, we're all pretty much 100% sure that our lofty declarations are doomed to fail. It's a New Year's tradition—you make difficult resolutions and almost immediately give up on them.

Still, it's a little painful to watch all our high hopes get dashed to the ground. But at least we can laugh about it!

Keep scrolling for 9 memes about New Year's resolutions that'll hit a little too close to home.

1. At least you tried:


2. There's a little bit of effort here:


3. Well, that didn't last very long:


4. Plot twist—we're not:


5. It's hard when you fail before you even start:


6. A resolution worth making:


7. Honestly, this is a great use of space:

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8. If you fail, start making resolutions for other people:


9. Sometimes you have to start small, okay?


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