The Next Ear Piercing to Get, Depending on the Ones You Already Have

While most of us have had our ears pierced for about as long as we can remember, this typically only goes for a single piercing placed at the bottom of each lobe.

Since then, you may have ventured further into the wide world of ear piercing, adorning your ears with a little extra bling that suits your style perfectly. But whether you have just one piercing at the moment or plenty, you might just find yourself wanting one (or a few) more. So, which is the right move for you to get next? We can help you decide—and all we need to know is which piercings you currently have! With that said, here are our suggestions for the next ear piercing you should get, depending on the one(s) you already have.

If You Only Have Your Lobes Pierced, Add A Second Lobe Piercing

Not only is the lobe one of the easiest spots to get pierced, but it's also the least painful. If you're someone who had their first ear piercing done when they were so young that they can't even remember how much it hurts and you're a little afraid of the pain, having a second lobe piercing is a good way to test your tolerance in case you decide to add more in the future. Plus, it just looks great! When it comes to lobe piercings, two really can be better than one.

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If You Already Have Two Lobe Piercings, Get a Helix Piercing

Ready to move past the lobe? Try a helix piercing! The nice thing about this type of ear piercing is that you can do just one, so while it may hurt a bit more (it's still just a pinch that barely lasts a split second) than a lobe piercing, you don't have to go through it twice if you don't want to. Helix piercings also add just an extra touch of intrigue to your look, making it a great next addition for anyone who's ready to move past the "average."


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If You Already Have a Helix Piercing, Get a Tragus Piercing

Alright you budding piercing pro, are you ready to add something just a little out of the ordinary? If so, you'll want to consider a tragus piercing when you're booking your next appointment with a professional piercer. This unique ear piercing is placed on the tragus, which is the small flap of cartilage that extends over your ear canal from the side of your face.

tragus ear piercing

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If You Already Have a Tragus Piercing, Get a Rook or Daith Piercing

If you've already adorned your tragus, try moving up a little bit for your next piercing by choosing a rook piercing, which can be found in the cartilage fold above your tragus, or a daith piercing, which is placed in the delicate fold of skin between your tragus and where you would get a rook piercing. These are both super unique, but the thicker cartilage means that it might hurt a bit more and will take more time to heal—which is why we recommend it be left to the piercing pros who already know what they're doing.


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If You Already Have All the Ones Listed Above, Get an Industrial Piercing

If you've made it this far, clearly you're not afraid of needles—and that means you should be able to handle taking things up a notch with an industrial piercing. This style takes two holes in your upper cartilage (helix), which will be connected by a single bar earring. An industrial piercing just adds a certain edge to your look that's hard to get with your basic styles, so it's a great addition to add to your ears if you're ready to take your style to the next step.

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