Nia Sioux and Ava Cota Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their Grace VanderWaal Music Video

Grace VanderWaal's song "Moonlight" already has an incredible music video, but who says it can't have two?

The second video for the America's Got Talent winner's tune comes to us courtesy of choreographer Kristin McQuaid, who's no stranger to creating dance routines to accompany Grace's music. Kristin has previously blessed us with a stunning vid for Grace's song "Light the Sky."

We already know Kristin's choreography for the "Moonlight" video is sure thrill, but a major reason we're so stoked for this music vid is because our girls Nia Sioux and Ava Cota star in it, alongside other spectacular dancers.

Nia Sioux and Ava Cota on set for their dance music video for Grace VanderWaal's "Moonlight"

(Photo Courtesy of Red Pebbles PR)

Both Nia and Ava shared they were more than stoked to be a part of Kristin's video when we caught up with them on set.

Nia revealed she's been a fan of Grace for a long time now, so she couldn't be happier to be working on this music video.

"I am such a big fan of Grace and her music," Nia told Sweety High. "Her song 'Beautiful Thing' is one of my favorites. I love her musicality and positive energy. I think it's important for girls in the entertainment business to support each other and I am thrilled I had an opportunity to dance in her video!"

Nia Sioux and Ava Cota with choreographer Kristin McQuaid on set of their music video for Grace VanderWaal's "Moonlight"

(Photo Courtesy of Red Pebbles PR)

Ava felt the same way, noting she was all about the positive message in Grace's song.

"This video is very different from anything else I have ever done," she said. "The storyline of Grace's song is so inspiring and I think this video captures her amazing message. I cannot wait for everyone to see it!"

Believe us, Ava, we can't wait either! Until then, we'll be watching Grace's current music video for "Moonlight" on repeat.


Have you heard Grace's newest song yet? If not, head over HERE to give it a listen.