All The Times Niall Horan Loved 5 Seconds Of Summer More Than You

It doesn't matter how big of a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer you are, Niall Horan will ALWAYS have you beat. Let's face it, he should basically be a member of their band at this point. Take a look at all the times Niall was a major 5SOS fanboy.

1. When he posted this group pic of the guys professing that he "loves these boys."


2. When he tried to convince the world he was the newest member of 5SOS by posting this selfie.

3. When he was beyond excited to meet Luke Hemmings' family that his picture came out a bit blurry.

4. When there was a period in his life where he lived in his 5SOS shirt.

an Irishman walked into a dressing room

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5. When he was all of us and snuck into their dressing room to meet them.

6. When he was the first person to make the announcement that "She Looks So Perfect" was finally out.

7. When he bleached his hair even blonder to look more like Michael Clifford.

8. And then when he tried to replace Michael to finally get his glory of being in the band. You didn't fool anyone, Horan!

9. When no barrier could prevent him from getting his selfie with Ashton Irwin.

10. When he hacked his way onto a 5SOS livestream to tell the guys just how much he loves them. Same.

11. When 5SOS blessed him with the ability to fulfill all his fangirl dreams and finally perform with them. He puts the 5 in 5SOS.


If you're a major fan of 5SOS, you should take our quiz to see if you could be a member of their band.