Niall Horan Reveals His Fave Song off His Upcoming Debut Solo Album

The solo life is suiting Niall Horan rather well.

The former One Direction member has been on the road for the past few weeks performing songs from his debut solo album Flicker ahead of its Oct. 20 release.

We were lucky enough to catch Niall do his thing at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California last night, and needless to say, we had one heck of a good time.

Hearing his new tunes before they were even released was a bit of a rush. We definitely have a few favorites, and so does Niall.

"'Flicker' is the most important song I've ever written," he revealed to the crowd at last night's show. "It was a very poignant moment for me. I'm used to writing pop songs from a 17-year-old's point of view about 17-year-old things. I'm writing from a 24-year-old's view for the first time."

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It also happens to be the name of his album, which is obviously not a coincidence. Niall knew he had to name this record after his most cherished song to date.

"When it came to the album title, I didn't have anything poetic to say," he shared. "So I decided to name it after my favorite song."

While "Flicker" is easily a standout from the fresh hits Niall played for us, the album as a whole is truly incredible. We can't wait until it's finally released so we can listen to it on repeat until the end of time.

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But his debut solo album isn't the only thing we have to look forward to in the near future. Niall teased a new music video is on his way for his latest single "Too Much to Ask." We're counting down the days!

If you want to try to make it out to one of Niall's shows this year, you can purchase tickets HERE.

Can't catch him this go-around? No sweat! He'll be going on a world tour during the summer and fall of 2018 with country star Maren Morris. Yes, it's a year away, but at least it'll give you something to look forward to.

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