Everything to Know About Dora and the Lost City of Gold Star Nicholas Coombe

We were completely surprised and delighted by Dora and the Lost City of Gold—and Australian actor Nicholas Coombe has been one of its breakaway stars.

This week, we chatted with Nicholas, and asked him about everything from his favorite drink to the movie that always makes him cry. Keep reading to find out all the things you should know about him.

Nicholas Coombe MCM Art

(Photo credit: Noah Asanias)

 Nicholas Coombe

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

 December 27

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. Nicholas has a thing for iced mochas.

I consider myself an iced mocha connoisseur. There's a café right by my house that I visit every. One day, I would like to travel the world as an iced mocha critic.

-Nicholas Coombe

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2. He says his quirkiest feature is his hair.

"No matter how hard you try to style it, it can't be tamed."

-Nicholas Coombe

3. His current style obsession is Converse One Star shoes, and he loves tucking and rolling the legs of his jeans.

4. He'd definitely be sorted into Gryffindor.

5. Les Misérables never fails to make him cry.

6. He's a Capricorn, but based on what he's Googled, his sign doesn't describe him very well.

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7. He has a very specific pet peeve.

"It's when you're in the shower and the water keeps randomly changing from hot to cold and back to hot, and then you end up doing this strange shower dance while trying to wash your hair."

-Nicholas Coombe

8. His best school subject was always music, and his worst was cooking.

"My class partner would do the cooking and I would do the eating, and I was 100% down with that plan."

-Nicholas Coombe

9. His latest Netflix obsession is Stranger Things 3.

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10. If he could live at any point of the past, he'd want to coexist with pirates.

"I would love to roam the seas with a monkey on my shoulder."

-Nicholas Coombe


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