Why Is Nicholas Hoult Our Man Crush Monday? Because He's Nicholas Hoult!

There really isn't a role Nicholas Hoult can't play. He's been everything from a mutant and a zombie to the boy of our dreams. Clearly he's Man Crush Monday material for that reason alone, but there are plenty more reasons why we can't stop thinking about ~this~ boy.❤️ We guarantee you won't be able to get him off your mind either after you read this post.

Nicholas Hoult MCM


Nicholas Hoult About A Boy

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Nicholas first stole our hearts as the most adorbs little cherub child in About A Boy. You have cute kids and then you have Nicholas.


Nicholas Hoult Skins

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Then he went all bad boy on us when he played Tony in Skins, but that didn't stop us from falling even more in love with him.


Nicholas Hoult as a zombie in Warm Bodies and The Beast in X-Men: First Class

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Even when he played a zombie in Warm Bodies and Beast in X-Men: First Class, he was still 10/10.


Speaking of X-Men, you've all seen how on point he looks in glasses in the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, right? We're counting down the days until it's released.


Nicholas Hoult smiling on the red carpet


He arguably has the cutest smile in Hollywood and his eyes are gorgeous blue orbs that you could swim in for hours.


Nicholas is a low key Taylor Swift fanboy and we are living for it. The fact that he knows all the words is just beyond anything ever.


And if Tay ever wants to bring Nicholas out onstage to sing a song or two, you best believe it will be amazing, because Nicholas can actually SAAAANG. A duet with these two needs to happen like now.


Among the multitude of things Nicholas his good at, he also does a pretty spot on impression of Stewie Griffin. But like how cute is he in this video though?


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