Nick Jonas Just Dropped His New Song "Believe"

First Nick Jonas made us "Jealous," and now he's going to make us, "Believe." That's the title of his latest track, which is an actually a Broadway number he's turned pop that will be featured on Finding Neverland: The Album out June 9.

The lyrics go, "It's so frustrating when no one else sees/ Everything you see/ So for now it is just an illusion, confusion/ Unless you're someone who believes."

Listen here!

Nick's always been pretty open about his beliefs in the past.

Nick believes in being humble. One of his mantras is, "Live like you're at the bottom even if you're at the top." ( He's also all about taking time to relax, saying, "You have to take time to enjoy the moments. You become stressed over a lot of different things when you're riding a wave, so it was important for me to have fun and enjoy the next step." (

And what does he believe about women? Well, he told Elle that his dad taught him a lot about respect and love in a relationship and that "two people [are] equal."

We wonder if Nick was thinking about these things when he was recording "Believe."

Do you like the tune? Which of your own beliefs do you think of when you listen to it? Let us know in the comments below!