Demi and Nick Aren't the Only Artists With Their Own Label

Last week, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas made big waves when they announced they were teaming up to create their own record label, Safehouse Records. Of course, the duo aren't the only stars who are taking their musical futures into their own hands. Find out all about them below!

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has been scouting for unsigned artists to add to 78 Productions Limited. Keeping it secret was of no use, because Directioners are smart cookies and figured it out immediately. His first artist might just be The X Factor's Jack Walton!

Ed Sheeran's new record label is called Gingerbread, and we are SO ready. Jamie Lawson is the first artist signed. Do yourself a favor and listen to him like now.

You don't have to be an artist to start your own label. YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan has her own label, Shift Music Group, with incredible artists like Late Night Alumni.

It's no surprise that pop queen Katy Perry has her own label, Metamorphosis Music. Her first artist was "Speak In Tongues" singer Ferras.

5 Seconds Of Summer are all about doing their own thing, so obviously they'd create their own label. It's called Hi Or Hey Records, and their first signing, American rock band Hey Violet are going to get a LOT of new fans supporting 5SOS on tour.

The Vamps haven't come up with a name for their label yet, but they've already got their first band, The Tide, on board to rock.

Jacob Whitesides just announced his new record label, Double U Records, last week. We're hoping he'll use it to launch other YouTube artists to his status of stardom and we can't wait!

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