Meet the Inspiring Teens Being Honored at the Star-Studded Nickelodeon Halo Awards

If you love awards shows, stellar musical performances and getting inspired by kids making an impact, there's only one thing you should be doing tonight—watching the 2016 Nickelodeon HALO Awards.

The HALO Awards (which stands for Helping and Leading Others), is a special concert held in honor of four young individuals who are leaders in their communities.

Honorees and Nick Cannon getting ready for the 2016 Nickelodeon Halo Awards

(Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon)

The event, sponsored by Spin Master, Denny's and JCPenney, has a stellar lineup of performances (Hailee Steinfeld, Daya and Jason Derulo, to name a few), and it's hosted by the hilarious Nick Cannon. Doesn't get much better than that!

Can't wait to meet the kids who are being celebrated? We're here to introduce them to you before the big show. Scroll below to read about their amazing accomplishments.

Grace Callwood

Headshot of Grace Callwood

(Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon)

Age: 12

From: Abingdon, Maryland

How She's Helping and Leading Others: At the age of seven, Grace was diagnosed with cancer. When she gained weight during chemotherapy, Grace selflessly gave away her brand new back-to-school clothes to two young girls who had recently lost their belongings in a fire. This little act of kindness sparked an idea inside of Grace's head. Soon after, she started the We Cancerve Movement, Inc., an organization dedicated to bringing joy to homeless, sick and foster children. So far, We Cancerve has been able to aid over 3,700 kids in need. Incredible!


Jonas Corona

Headshot of Jonas Corona

(Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon)

Age: 13

From: Long Beach, California

How He's Helping and Leading Others: After Jonas met a homeless boy the same age as him on Los Angeles' Skid Row, he knew he had to do something. Jonas started the organization, Love in the Mirror, which offers disadvantaged youth and their families basic necessities like food, clothing and learning materials. Since the organization began, Jonas has been able to assist over 45,000 homeless individuals through fundraising and donations. Pretty impactful.


Chris Suggs

Headshot of Chris Suggs

(Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon)

Age: 16

From: Kinston, North Carolina

How He's Helping and Leading Others: When Chris realized crime rates and education problems were on the rise in his hometown of Kinston, he immediately took action. After meeting with the mayor of his town, Chris began Kinston Teens, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping provide youth in his area the opportunity to grow and learn through community service activities. Currently, more than 1,300 kids have taken place in this initiative, participating in projects like street cleanups, voter registration drives and mentoring opportunities. This kid is living proof that if you want to make a change you can.


Lillian Pravda

Headshot of Lillian Pravda

(Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon)

Age: 16

From: New York, New  York

How She's Helping and Leading Others: After dealing with eyesight difficulties of her own, Lillian discovered that not every child who needs eye care is able to receive it. In response to learning this, Lillian started Vision for and from Children, which has the primary goal of supporting children across the globe by offering them the ability to receive sight-saving surgeries and necessary vision services.


Be sure to tune into the 2016 Nickelodeon HALO Awards at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27, on Nickelodeon!


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