Night Changes Video Takes Directioners On Their Dream Dates!

One Direction have released their music video for "Night Changes" and it's like a dream come true for Directioners everywhere!night changes date collage

The music video for this second single from the band's new album, Four, simulates a date with each of the five boys of One Direction.

In each section of the video, the viewer sees the entire scene from the perspective of a very lucky lady who gets to go on an extremely romantic date, including serenades, from each of the 1D guys!

This ultimate romantic music video is "everything that you've ever dreamed of" for real!

Though each of the dates goes wrong in the end, we'd happily go on any of them bad turns and all!

Watch the video below and take our poll to let us know if you'd rather go on the date with Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis or Niall! Share your results with us in the comments and at Sweety High!

Which "Night Changes" date would you go on?

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