Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m the occasional night sweater.

I know, yuck, but it’s the truth, especially during these hot summer months. And since I don’t have AC, my ceiling fan is the only thing that gives me any reprieve. Falling asleep is usually the most difficult time of night because my pillow essentially soaks up my heat. So, when the reps over at Night reached out to me about their Chill Pillowcase, I knew I needed to get my hands on one. Keep reading for my full and honest review of Night’s Chill Pillowcase.

The Brand

Night is known for its stellar face masks and pillowcases that target skincare and haircare. Since the last thing any of us want to deal with is maskne, their mask fabric, made from 100% Mulberry silk, won’t irritate your skin. The brand pays special attention to the materials and fabrics it uses, which I find super refreshing.

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The Product

Chill Pillowcase: $60

The Chill Pillowcase comes in three colors—white, gunmetal and champagne. I was sent the white for review, which is perfect since it goes with my bedding. After throwing it in the wash I threw it on my pillow and got ready for bed. After doing my nightly skincare routine, I always read on my Kindle—literally every night.

This is typically when I start to get overheated. I’m a side sleeper (and reader) so I usually have to flip my pillow every few minutes to get to the “cool” side. I was interested to see if the Chill Pillowcase would live up to its name, so I put it to the test.

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It wasn’t for about 25 minutes that I started to feel a bit overheated. The pillow was by no means hot but the area where my head rested did feel a tad bit warm. So, after repositioning the pillow, I was back in business!

Having to constantly flip my pillow is a thing of the past, and I’m so happy I found the Chill Pillowcase. I didn’t have to flip my pillow again (thank goodness) and found that I was able to focus on my book and not get sidetracked.

Ever since that first night, I’ve been using it every night. It’s been about two weeks and I still love it. And since it’s made with comfy materials like rayon from bamboo and nylon, it’s great for my hair. Other pillowcases pull and tug at my hair or leave me with a frizzy mess in the mornings. And that is not the case with this baby! My hair doesn’t look like a total disaster, which I take as a win.

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Bottom Line

If you’re a hot and overheated sleeper like me, I couldn’t recommend the Chill Pillowcase from Night enough. And at just $60, it’s a great price to pay for a decent night’s sleep—don’t you think? Hot and sweaty nights are finally a thing of the past.


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