All Night Owls Will Relate to These Sleepless Struggles

Night owls, we're here for you.

We understand your utterly inverse struggle: Sleepy all day, awake all night long.

If you are caught in this nocturnal lifestyle, you'll be able to relate to all of the daily annoyances below.

1. When you're up super late watching a new show, all you want to do is live text your friends about it but, alas, everyone in your time zone is asleep. Your friends often wake up to 2:00 a.m. texts asking if they are a Stefan or Damon girl.

2. You make an honest effort to try and go to bed at a reasonable hour but get sucked into a time hole and suddenly that 20-minute scroll sesh before bed has turned into a three-hour lurking marathon.

Girl scrolling through her phone on bed at night.

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3. You wake up tired every. single. day. You tell yourself tonight you'll go to bed early. Lies, all lies.

4. There comes that point when your favorite channel just turns into infomercials for acne products. Okay, Proactiv, I get it!

5. You're still not productive. You have all this extra time that you could be working on homework but instead your "thinking brain" has turned off and all you want to do is test out every DIY project you've ever heard of while marathoning the Harry Potter series.

6. Every weekend you're faced with this ultimatum: Turn off your alarm and snooze all the livelong day or wake up early and actually do all of the things you want to do during the week, but can't because of school. We both know what you're going to choose, though.

Girl on an early morning hike watching the sunrise from a mountain.

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7. Because everyone else is asleep, you only have your thoughts to keep you company. Hello, overthinking-every-conversation-ever, my old friend.

8. By third period you are completely done for the day. Nap time is calling your name.

9. You spent the night successfully binging that new hit Netflix show that none of your friends have started yet so you have no one to talk to about it.

Girl changing the channel on her tv.

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10. Everyone's sick of hearing you complain about how tired you are and they tell you to just go to bed earlier… like you haven't heard that one before.

11. You're always the last one awake at sleepovers which is super awkward and uncomfortable and you're trapped listening to the DVD menu loop for hours.

12. Morning people irk you to your core. How are they so peppy so early?!

Morning person enjoying the beautiful sunrise and air in a field.

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13. You have to be really quiet and tip-toe because everyone else in your house is sleeping, which is exactly what your parents think you're doing as well. If they catch you (again) it's goodbye to cell phone privileges.

14. People call you names like "sleepy head" as though you didn't just go to bed three hours ago. I'd like to see them try and function on minimal sleep.

15. You've definitely hit the snooze button again instead of showering… for the third time this week.

Sleepy girl pressing snooze button on her 6 am alarm.

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16. You've woken up in empty hotel rooms during family vacations because everyone else was ready to hit the pool and they couldn't shake you awake. There's probably a note and stale muffin sitting on the nightstand for when you finally rise.

17. You've had the horrible realization while watching your teacher yawn that waking up early is a fact of life, and not just a byproduct of school, and you're fated to live this early morning struggle for the rest of your life. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


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