Demi Lovato Shows Her Love For Lovatics In Nightingale Video!

The new black and white music video for Demi Lovato's "Nightingale" tells a story of travel, loneliness and fame, and reveals that Lovatics are Demi's real nightingale! demi lovato nightingale music video

"Nightingale" is a track off the self-titled DEMI album, inspired by Demi's friend Trenton who passed away when he was just 13. In the video, the song takes on another meaning as we follow Demi around the world.

The video is full of moving black and white shots as we see Demi board a plane to Paris, peering out the window at the land below. Before long, we see her in makeup and wardrobe to prepare for a massive arena show in a faraway place, where we see her onstage performing "Nightingale."

The song seems to be about the search for something that can lift her up in her darkest moments. As she connects with her fans and continues to inspire them, it becomes clear that they are the nightingales who can do just that!

"Thank you all so much for the most amazing year yet!" Demi wrote on Twitter as she shared the video link. "My Lovatics are truly the best. "

Demi also took the opportunity to spread the word about mental health with the video, sharing a link to her Hope Dealer campaign, which mobilizes fans to contribute to CAST Recovery.

Watch the new video below and share your favorite moments with us in the comments! You can also join our Lovatic community and share the love at Sweety High!