16 Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes That Make Perfect Holiday Instagram Captions

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the ultimate holiday movie because it captures Halloween and Christmas in one fell swoop.

If you like to keep your festive celebrations a little bit spooky, try one of these quotes from the movie for all your holiday Instagram caption needs.

For your funniest photo with a not-so-realistic mall Santa:

"That's not Sandy Claws!"

-Jack Skellington


(The Nightmare Before Christmas via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution)


For the shot of you catching snowflakes on your tongue at the first winter's snow:

"What's this? There's white things in the air!"

-Jack Skellington, "What's This?"


For your most charitable pic around the holidays:

"Haven't you heard of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men?"

-Santa Claus


For the photo of your family gathered around telling Christmas stories:

"And on a dark cold night, under full moonlight, he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky!"

-Jack Skellington, "The Town Meeting Song"


(The Nightmare Before Christmas via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution)


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For when you've read every Christmas book and watched every Christmas movie in anticipation of the holiday:

"I've read these Christmas books so many times. I know the stories, and I know the rhymes. I know the Christmas carols all by heart. My skull's so full, it's tearing me apart!"

-Jack Skellington, "Jack's Obsession"


For the photo of your cutest Rudolph ornament:

"My, what a brilliant nose you have. The better to light my way! "

-Jack Skellington


For the perfectly wrapped gift that looks like something out of a fairytale:

"Just a box with bright-colored paper, and the whole thing's topped with a bow."

-Jack Skellington, "Town Meeting Song"


For when you're chilling under the mistletoe, hoping for a smooch:

"Oh, look, what's this? They're hanging mistletoe. They kiss?"

-Jack Skellington, "What's This"


For the shot of you and your adorable S.O. in matching ugly Christmas sweaters:

"For it is plain as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be."

-Jack Skellington and Sally, "Simply Meant to Be"


For the image of your family's stockings hanging cozily over the fireplace:

"We pick up an oversized sock, and hang it like this on the wall…"

-Jack Skellington, "The Town Meeting Song"


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For the photo of you decked out in a Santa hat and thinking hard about the upcoming holiday:

"Christmas time is buzzing in my skull."

-Jack Skellington, "Jack's Obsession"


For when you couldn't be happier that it's going to be a white Christmas:

"There's frost in every window, oh, I can't believe my eyes."

-Jack Skellington, "What's This"


For the shot of you crafting amazingly festive holiday DIY projects:

"Making Christmas, making Christmas, la la la."

"Making Christmas"


(The Nightmare Before Christmas via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution)


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For the sweet holiday photo with family that warms your very soul:

"In my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside."

-Jack Skellington, "What's This"


For the photo that shows you'll never stop believing in the magic of Christmas:

"Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"

-Jack Skellington, "Jack's Obsession"


For when you're surprised by how hard you're hit by the holiday spirit:

"The streets are lined with little creatures laughing everybody seems so happy. Have I possibly gone daffy?"

-Jack Skellington, "What's This"


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