We Visited Nights of the Jack, and It Was Spellbinding

Last weekend, we got to visit Nights of the Jack, a jack o' lantern-illuminated trail on King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, California. The event had a little something for everyone, from fun photo ops to tasty Halloween treats to intricately illuminated carved pumpkins that would make anyone watching your Insta Stories envious.

The event is best experienced in person, so to avoid posting too many spoilers, below is only a peekaboo at some of the delightful sights to see.

Once you've entered the venue, the spooky experience starts with a series of fun props for posing. This year, Nights of the Jack partnered with Nickelodeon, the first installation being with an Are You Afraid of the Dark? tent located near the entrance:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

There were also several designated sitting areas, perfect for enjoying delicious treats available from several food trucks:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

But the real fun—and the reason we wanted to visit in the first place—started here, at Jack's Trail:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

The entire event perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween with lightning, fog and haunting music.

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Our jaws dropped at the sight of this enormous and impressive dinosaur exhibit comprised entirely of jack o' lanterns:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

And it wouldn't be complete without a colorful Día de Muertos section:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

Obviously, you can't celebrate Halloween without the classic horror movie monsters:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

Nickelodeon's second awesome installation brought Sponge Bob's Bikini Bottom to life:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)

And, of course, a pumpkin trail in Los Angeles means there had to be a Hollywood Sign and a healthy dose of celebs:


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)


(Photo credit: Jade Gobin)


This is just a tiny sneak peek into what Nights of the Jack has to offer. If you want to learn more, click HERE to check out their website.


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