Nintendo Basically Just Put All My Favorite Games On Sale At Once

Back-to-school season isn't every gamer's dream, but Nintendo is doing their best to make it a little easier on all of us.

Today, Aug. 26, they're adding a few adding more 3DS and Wii U titles to Nintendo Selects, meaning they're available for just $19.99. Get them from Nintendo's eShop!

Nintendo back to school sale image

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Plus, they're unleashing a brand new Mario-themed New Nintendo 3DS system with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed for just $149.99. Existing New Nintendo 3DS XLs are selling for $199.99, without a preloaded game, so this is kind of a big deal.

As someone who plays a lot of Nintendo games, I happen to have personal experience with most of the ones on the roster, and I fully recommend all of them. Here's why:


Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS

I can say in all honesty that I've racked up more hours playing this version of Animal Crossing than any other game.

Animal Crossing playtime

Back in the day, my dad bought the family a second Nintendo GameCube, two copies of the original Animal Crossing and multiple memory cards so more than one member of the family could play this highly addictive game at once. New Leaf is an even more captivating update.

In the game, you play as a villager who moves to a new town populated by adorable and bizarre animal neighbors. Somehow, you become inaugurated as the town's new mayor, and it's up to you to help them achieve the status of a perfect town.

You also have to pay off your mortgage, update and decorate your house, help the local museum complete their collections and run errands for your furry neighbors.

It doesn't sound fun, but it is, and it'll keep you coming back every day until you've met all of your goals. With thousands of items to collect, between bugs, fish, fossils, furniture and flowers, that'll probably be a while.

And when I say some of the neighbors are cute, I am not kidding. Who can resist Molly the duck?!?

Molly the adorable duck in the museum in Animal Crossing

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon box art

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I've only had a limited chance to play Dark Moon, but it definitely left an impression on me (and I plan to add it to my collection at the discounted price tonight!).

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has the same creepy, yet utterly charming feel of the original GameCube version, but with even tighter controls thanks to the 3DS.

Dark Moon brings back Mario's little bro Luigi as an extremely reluctant ghost hunter. As he navigates a series of haunted mansions, armed with only a flashlight and a ghost-busting vacuum called the Poltergust 5000, he's just as creeped out as the player, if not moreso.

The game features huge, creatively designed areas full of quirky ghosts with huge personalities, but most of all, this game really makes you love Luigi. He even hums along with the background music, sounding terrified in between his ghostly encounters.

With occasional scares and a high difficulty level, this game is not for the faint of heart.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gameplay

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Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS

Tomodachi Life box art

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Tomodachi Life is like a reality show for your customized Mii characters. You're in charge of an island populated by your Miis and you have control of just about everything, and the action that unfolds is fun, weird and wonderful.

Now, you can customize a lot more than your Mii's appearance. For the first time, you can give them their own unique voice and tailor their personalities.

I loved creating my friends, family members and favorite celebrities within the game to see how they'd interact with one another and to discover their likes and dislikes

Admittedly, I stopped playing a while back after my Mii and my boyfriend's Mii broke up in the game. So far, it hasn't proven to be a bad omen, and I guess it's never too late for me to pick the game back up and see if I can mend their broken marriage!

Iain and Amanda Tomodachi Life

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U

Link sailing in The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

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True story: I bought this remastered HD version of one of my fave games ever at full price ($59.99) last year and am now a little bit bummed that it's so affordable suddenly. But I can say from experience that it's worth at least three times the sale price!

The original Wind Waker was released on GameCube in 2002. At the time, people weren't super receptive to Toon Link's new cel-shaded style, but the art of The Wind Waker has grown to become a fan favorite.

I personally think The Wind Waker is the very best of The Legend of Zelda series. Our hero Link is extremely expressive and super relatable for the first time, and every detail of the game is bright, energetic and extremely charming.

The dungeons and puzzles are some of the Zelda series' best, and the watery world presented within the game gives the series a welcome break from Hyrule's fields.

You'd think that sailing across the wide blue ocean for long stretches of time would grow tiresome, but as you anticipate your next moves, it never really does.

Also, this little Korok, Makar, needs his own game, stat.

Makar in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

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Nintendo Land for Wii U

Nintendo Land cover art

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Nintendo Land was my introduction to the Wii U, immediately showing me how the system could be a game changer.

Nintendo Land is actually a collection of minigames inspired by various Nintendo properties. They all exist within a theme park called Nintendo Land, and you play as your Mii character and don a Mario hat or Samus's power suit to take on their roles within different attractions.

My personal favorites are the competitive attractions "Luigi's Ghost Mansion," "Mario Chase" and "Animal Crossing: Sweet Day" because they demonstrate what the Wii U can really do.

In these games, one person is basically "it," using the GamePad to see what the other players can't see. This person usually has extra abilities, from the invisible ghost in "Luigi's Ghost Mansion" to simultaneously controlling two characters in "Sweet Day." It's up to that player to take down the others, who use Wii remotes and try not to get caught.

Other games, like "The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest" and "Metroid Blast" bring the players into a first-person view, which is super immersive and fun, but every game is worth trying at least a couple of times.

But I really recommend playing the competitive games with a group of friends. Laughter (and some yelling) are basically guaranteed.

Nintendo Land: Mario Chase

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And while I can't personally vouch for Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins and Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends for the Nintendo 3DS and Lego City Undercover for Wii U, you should definitely nab one at $20 if you've had your eyes on it for a while.


It's not on sale (yet), but my favorite new game of the summer is definitely Kirby: Planet Robobot. Click HERE to find out more about Kirby's latest adventure.