Here Are the Games I CANNOT Wait to Play on the Nintendo Switch

The big Nintendo Switch event was held last night and Nintendo fans everywhere are flailing with glee for the glorious games promised by the new system.

I plan to get my hands on a Switch the moment it comes out on March 3—even if the pre-sales are currently sold out pretty much everywhere—and there are a bunch of titles I cannot wait to play. Here's why.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild was the first title to be connected to the Nintendo Switch, and with gorgeous cel shaded graphics and a more open world than we've ever seen in a Zelda game, it looks like it's going to live up to all the hype.

The game looks truly epic. With new gadgets, more complexity in the gameplay and actual voice overs (a new venture for a Zelda game), it's definitely a switch up, and I like it. It's also the first Zelda game on a home console since 2011'Skyward Sword, so it better not disappoint!

I'm particularly excited about Zelda's look this time around. There's a scene in the trailer where she's sobbing in Link's lap, and it looks like the series is finally getting the emotion it's always deserved. And did I mention it'll launch with the Switch?



I'll have to be honest and admit that I don'actually know how the gameplay in 1-2-Switch will work—and maybe that's what excites me most.

According to last night's big reveal, the games in 1-2-Switch don't involve looking at a screen. Instead, you should look into the eyes of your opponent, reading their expressions to anticipate their movements.

The trailer promises gun duels, sword fights, workout games and a lot more. I'm excited to get my hands on it and see what it can do.


Splatoon 2

Splatoon was maybe the most innovative new game to release on the Wii U, and I can't wait to see it come back even bigger and better.

Splatoon is all about trying to cover up the arena in your team's color and prevent the opposing team from doing so with their color. It downplays the violence and emphasizes the fun in an innovative new take on the third-person shooter—and I've spent countless hours playing it.

The sequel looks like it's improving on the first one in every way with more varied character designs, awesome new weapons (including a two-handed shooter that will no doubt utilize the new Joy-Con controllers) and a soundtrack that will rival the first game's. I plan to play it immediately when it drops this summer.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Every Nintendo console needs a Mario Kart of its own, and the Switch is getting that with the release of an updated version of the Wii U'Mario Kart 8 this April.

It looks like improvements from the standard Mario Kart 8 will be more than just visual. The game also includes new characters, including King Boo and my personal favorites, the Inklings from Splatoon. Best of all, it looks like the battle mode that was missing from the last Mario Kart will be back and better than ever in the new game. One Splatoon-themed level in the trailer looks like the optimal place to place.



It's a bold move to come up with a new intellectual property and simply call it Arms. That's what I like about Nintendo.

In Arms, players take control of spring-armed fighters whose punches can extend all the way across the ring. It's kind of a combination between a boxing game and a shooting game, with your flying fists being the projectiles.

It's bizarre, but it looks like a ton of fun. We'll see what the verdict is when people get their hands on the game.


Super Mario Odyssey

I have to preface this by saying that Super Mario 64 is maybe my favorite video game of all time. I've been craving a truly 3D Mario platform since Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, and it looks like Super Mario Odyssey will finally deliver on that.

Boasting huge and varied worlds and a new style of platforming, it looks like a blast to play. In addition to a beautiful Day of the Dead-inspired world and one that appears to be filled with sentient veggies, New Donk City looks like a particularly intriguing area. With towering buildings and streets bustling with taxi cabs, it looks like New York, but with streets named after Donkey Kong characters. Also, business ladies help Mario skip rope for some reason. It's great!

Maybe the most interesting addition to the game is that fact that Mario's signature red cap is alive in this game. With a big pair of blinking eyes, I'm anticipating it'll be a character all its own. The hat can even be used as a projectile and a platform. Odyssey just might be the best 3D Mario yet.

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