10 Struggles You'll Relate to If You Don't Wear Makeup

There are so many good things about not wearing makeup—from saving time and money, to embracing your natural beauty.

That said, there are some downsides, too. If you usually don't wear makeup, you'll relate to the 10 struggles below.

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People Ask Why You Don't Wear Makeup

Maybe your parents won't let you, maybe you'd rather get 15 extra minutes of sleep in the morning, or maybe makeup just isn't your thing. Whatever the case, it's annoying having to answer questions about your lack of makeup. It's your business what you do—or don't do—with your face.


People Offer Unsolicited Makeup Advice

Advice is nice—when you've asked for it. Unsolicited advice, on the other hand, can be offensive, no matter how well-intentioned it is. If you're sick of different people in your life offering you makeup advice when it's clear you don't want it, we feel your pain.


People Say You Look Tired

Yes, makeup can make your eyes look really bright and awake. Still, no one should automatically assume that people whose eyes aren't made up are tired. If only everyone would just do us all a favor and not say anything.

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Your Friends Offer Up Makeovers

Makeovers can be a lot of fun, but it gets frustrating when you're the one who always has to be made over. It's like people think you can't look your best without makeup, and that's absolutely not true.


It Takes Forever to Put on Makeup (in the Rare Occasion You Do So)

On the rare occasions when you actually do put on makeup, it tends to be a slow process. The worst is when you have to redo something that you mess up. This is part of why you don't do it every day.


People Have a Weird Reaction When You Do Wear Makeup

Again, when you do wear makeup, people make a lot of comments about it. A few compliments are nice and all—it just gets to be too much when people say things like, "You should do this all the time!" Obviously, you would if you wanted to or could.


It's So Time-Consuming to Remove It All

Another pet peeve of ours is how long it takes to get your face clean again after you do wear some makeup. Even the most basic touches can be a beast to get rid of.


Even the Slightest Bit of Makeup Makes You Feel Like You're Wearing Too Much

When you hardly ever wear makeup, even small amounts feel like so much. You can't help but worry that you've overdone it, no matter what your friends have told you.


If You Do Wear Makeup, You Feel Pressured to Measure Up to Instagram Experts

There are so many people showing off their makeup skills on Instagram, and hey, good for them. The downside for us, though, is that sometimes we can't help but compare. It's not always easy to remember that being comfortable in your own skin is the best look.


You're Way Behind on the Makeup Trends

Makeup is an art, so it's cool to see it evolve—but that doesn't make it easy for those of us who rarely wear it. We've barely mastered contouring our cheeks, and now we're supposed to learn how to do it our lips, too? How does anyone keep up?


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