Everything You Wanted to Know About Singer, Actress and TV Host Noa Kirel

Noa Kirel is the definition of a triple threat.

The Israeli talent is an actress, singer and TV host, and has excelled at everything she's put her mind to. Her first international single, "Please Don't Suck," has been a hit, proving that she's not just a star at home. We love her style, talent and attitude, and here's everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Noa Kirel Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine)

Name: Noa Kirel

Hometown: Ra'anana, Israel

Birthday: April 10

Zodiac sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. Her current Netflix obsession is the series Hit & Run.

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2. Not many people know that Noa is an excellent cook.

3. Lately, she hasn't been able to take "Industry Baby" by Lil Nas X off of repeat.

4. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, of course.

"Hey, Gal!"

-Noa Kirel

5. When people come to her for advice, they usually want to know about relationships or music.

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6. She says her most overused word is "amazing."

7. Dogs are her favorite animals.

"I'm obsessed with my dog Popi. Can't wait to come home to see her happiness and love. I think dogs are very human."

-Noa Kirel

8. If she could travel anywhere in the world for a week, she would travel to the Seychelles islands.

"It looks so beautiful and secluded."

-Noa Kirel

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9. If she could pick anyone from history to be her mentor, she'd choose Madonna.

"Madonna is obviously a living history but she changed the world of music, especially for women. Her unique performance and constant innovation are a huge inspiration for me."

-Noa Kirel

10. She loves summer weather more than any other kind of weather.

11. Above all, she adores her fans.

"I love my fans so much and they are my strength to do better all the time. Couldn't do it without them and I'm very thankful for that!"

-Noa Kirel


If you can't get enough of Noa, click HERE to read our interview with her detailing her single "Please Don't Suck."